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24th Jun 2007, 21:37
Hereís one for the worldly with Notebook types.

Packard-Bell Easynote R1004, owner brought it in complaining of lost sound, did the usual checks and sure enough nothing, obtained the latest drivers ex-P/B website for the Realtek ALC655 AC-97 audio controller, and just for good measure the latest chipset drivers and installed both, allís well, but still no sound, in fact no sound device detected at all.

Drivers show up and the device shows up in the Device manager reportedly working just fine but does not show up in the sounds ect only as ĎNo device detectedí, my thoughts are that itís fried but maybe Iím missing something along the way as you do after hours of working on the thing.

24th Jun 2007, 21:52
Not on Vista by any chance is it?...

25th Jun 2007, 19:33
Nope, Xp home OEM, things still pigging me off, :sad:

26th Jun 2007, 11:03
I had same with ac97 sound on a vista desktop - in the end I dumped a soundcard on it - one way to crack the problem, but I guess you don't have the option in a lappy. If it shows up in dev mgr but not in sounds speech & audio devices then I guess it's either dead or possibly bad drivers/software.

I would maybe uninstall it again, clean the registry & then download the latest drivers/apps from the Realtek site - I've known bad drivers from vendors before. One final possibility id if it shows up ok in dev mgr, it may have become physically disconnected from the mobo through thermal shock or having been droppped. Perhaps opening up the case and looking will help?

29th Jun 2007, 20:47
You got it in one Para, after a good nights sleep, I dug the old drivers out, cleaned down the reg and reloaded the original OEM drivers but still nothing, few minutes poking around inside it though revealed the problem and a quick press solved it, thing chirps away nicely now and one very happy owner is back in touch with his sounds, even if they are rather dated. Thanks all.

30th Jun 2007, 05:47
Another case cracked!:}