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Riding the Goat
23rd Jun 2007, 13:11
There was two seperate adds in the Saturday West Australian for F50 and DHC6 captians and F50 F/O's. One for FireFly and the other for MASWings. Other then what can be gained from the appropriate websites does anyone have any further info on either of these operations in regards to quality of equipment, T&C's, career progression, etc?

According to wikipedia "MASWings is a newly formed wholly subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines. The airline will take over the Rural Air Services inSabah and Sarawak from FlyAsianXpress."

Sorry, just doing some research whilst typing this and keep coming up with more info, will probably answer my own questions shortly. Here is some more info on MASWings:


Interesting to note that AirAsiaX are pulling out to focus on other areas and their long haul operations. I wonder if that means more flights for OZ destinations?



24th Jun 2007, 20:43
Well, my ex colleagues informed me that Firefly & MasWings are 2 seperate companies with individual AOC.

What it means is that even for the locals (applies to Expat too), they will not enjoy the same terms as their brothers in MAS, & definitely no chance to 'hop over' to MAS proper.

Firefly currently operate 2 Fokker 50 & operations are within Peninsular Malaysia with the base in Penang.They will soon have a new base in Subang (the old international airport) with a few more destination.

As for MasWings, it was an after thought by the Govt when MAS was instructed to take over, after the flying public in East Malaysia complained endlessly with the woeful service provided by FAX.The recent comedy of errors was the grounding of all FAX's F50 (all 7 of them! :} ) which totally screwed up the air transportation in Borneo! :} Present MAS management was begged by the 2 state gov't to take over the ops ASAP, but they are playing it cool with the main requirement being the restoration of all aircraft (7 Fokker 50 & 5 Twin Otter) to the same serviceability condition as when MAS handed over to FAX.What this means are a lot of political posturing & FAX getting a free AOC for their International Operations (very crafty of Air Asia! :mad: )

Be very careful when you deal with your T&C's with them as they have appointed new managers who are KPI'ed for their performance.

27th Jun 2007, 08:23
Well, latest news from the local rags :

ROME, June 25 (Bernama) -- Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Avion de Transport Regional (ATR) today signed an agreement for the purchase of 20 ATR 72-500s turbo prop aircraft for MAS' subsidiary, Firefly.

The contract is worth about US$360 million, with a list price of about US$18.3 million per unit.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his Italian counterpart Romano Prodi witnessed the signing of the agreement at Villa Madama here. The leaders earlier had held bilateral talks.

Signing on behalf of MAS was its Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer Tengku Azmil Zahruddin Raja Abdul Aziz while ATR was represented by its Chairman of the Board, Filippo Bagnato.

Speaking to reporters later, Tengku Azmil Zahruddin said the contract was for the purchase of 10 72-seater ATR aircraft plus an option for another 10 aircraft.

"The purchase of the aircraft is for the use of Firefly which has gone into its expansion phase," he said.

Firefly, he said would be operating from its hubs in Penang, Subang, Johor Baharu and Kota Kinabalu.

Tengku Azmil Zahruddin said the first delivery of two to three of the ATR aircraft was expected in October next year.

The aircraft would eventually replace the two Fokker 50, which is now being operated by Firefly, he added.

ATR is jointly owned by Alenia Aeronautica (Finmeccanica) and EADS.

Finmeccanica in a statement released here said that this was the first time that the Malaysian national carrier was purchasing an ATR aircraft.

Its brand new ATR 72-500s fleet will enable the airline to open new routes across Malaysia, it said.

These aircraft will be equipped with the "Elegance" cabin, Light Emitting Diode (LED), In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) and ETOPS 120, as well as the latest technological innovations in passenger comfort, communications and navigation tools, it added.

Guess it's gonna be a short term contract then :}

Riding the Goat
27th Jun 2007, 09:58
Thanks for the info EY777, much appreciated.

I wonder if the F50 crew will get offered endorsements when the new aircraft turn up?


28th Jun 2007, 20:13
Locals yes, expats no (a maybe if they are desperate :} ).

However, last I checked, local immigration rules enforced by DCA Malaysia requires the employer to show that an expat being hired is qualified (endorsed on type & with min. operational hours) for the job & no locals can fill the position.

Best if you call them if you're really interested.Can't help you out much as I am in another part of the globe :cool: What I know is from my ex colleagues.

Good luck RTG. :ok: