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22nd Jun 2007, 10:30
Heard from a mate at jetstar the pilots were presented today with the following. Can anyone confirm this to be true?????
Todays Jetstar Management proposal to their Pilots.
$20000 onto the base of $140966 = $160996
$15000 Retention bonus
Base hours of 65 per MONTH. This equates to 59.3 hours per 28 days. (compared to 71hrs per 28 for the VB guys.....hell of a big difference)
Captains overtime rate $220 per hour from 65 hours per calander month.
5 year EBA.

Thumbs up
22nd Jun 2007, 12:03
Yeah,heard the same only my soarce also mentioned a monthly allowance of a hundred virgins !!.

Going Boeing
22nd Jun 2007, 12:27
It's long overdue for the JPG (aka IPG) to stand up and be counted. The current pilot shortage is the first time that OZ pilots have had to jointly force the extremely highly paid management to pay salaries appropriate to our skills.

If this is what's on offer, vote NO and force them to come back with a better offer. They can't get enough pilots from anywhere else so make them "show us the money". :mad:

Capt Kremin
22nd Jun 2007, 12:42
The devil is in the detail. The 5 year period of the EBA is an obvious attempt to lock in low rates for as long as possible.

Jetstar pilots should follow the lead of VB and now QF SH pilots. Don't sell yourselves short.

Rumour is that Tiger will be paying 190K a year for a A320 Captain.

24th Jun 2007, 04:11
I too have heard the proposal had a substantial increase. Can anyone who was there, or has any info comment on it?

24th Jun 2007, 07:57
$20000 onto the base of $140966 = $160996

Is this it over the five years or is this the start up pay rise followed by annualised pay rises (or at least 3% annually)? If it's all the pay rise there is over the next five years then to quote a famous Chairman, anyone thinking of saying 'yes' has a "mental problem" with how in demand their skills are at the moment. :E :ok:

24th Jun 2007, 10:19
Good post Frozo.

would you be interested in helping me out with my finances?

24th Jun 2007, 11:21
The Jetstar pilots I have talked to have no idea of any pay rise especially since their EBA doesn't run out until late next year. Sounds like it might be a windup as the head of Jetstar doesn't strike me a some one to throw money to pilots!

24th Jun 2007, 11:35
I know at Qlink. MAnagement is keen to wrap up the pilots eba very quickly. The current one finishes is a few weeks. This is very different to the last eba which they were happy to let ride for about 2 years!!! I think they can smell danger and they also want to lock the pilot group into something pronto. I know that their other main concern is pilot retention. If they are serious about pilot retention then one would expect serious action to stop the bleed. The haemorraging will start within the next 12 months!

24th Jun 2007, 11:45

12 months?

12 weeks!

24th Jun 2007, 22:45
Strange how Virgin, QANTAS and now Jetstar are all trying for five year EBAs?:rolleyes:

24th Jun 2007, 23:44
Can anyone tell me, what happens to the guys that are on the AWA, do they get the same increases, or is the AWA treated as something different?

25th Jun 2007, 00:57
Can anyone tell me if anyone was insane enough to sign the AWA given the current climate?

Condition lever
25th Jun 2007, 01:13
Yeah, any QF FOs that come across under the MOU

25th Jun 2007, 08:51
Knowing the intellectual firepower that flows through the JPC I reckon it could well be another case of Ready, Fire ...Aim :E

max autobrakes
25th Jun 2007, 10:36
Ask those same F/O's about what's happened to their staff travel etc!
Not happy Jan!
What a fantastic MOU,
Funny how letting a couple of youngins across effectively satisfied the intent of the MOU and also neutered a court case being run against JetStar.Oh dear now the court action has been withdrawn management can no longer honour the MOU, looming pilot shortage you know.
No wonder so many think management are a bunch of f*^%&[email protected]

Night Hawk
26th Jun 2007, 01:45
Ok I'll bite, what happened to their Staff travel etc...? :confused:

Douglas Mcdonnell
26th Jun 2007, 02:53
This is news to most in the pilot group. The only place it has been seen in writing is here!!! I think its fair to say that management are becoming quite worried about crewing numbers. More new aircraft cant fly themselves.

I think the AWAs were a cunning ploy.


Douglas Mcdonnell
26th Jun 2007, 06:13
Nice, Back seat getting you down little matey?

26th Jun 2007, 09:13
call a JPC commitee member, you'll be pleaseantly suprised DM :ok: As far as I've heard the roadshow was very positive.

27th Jun 2007, 01:10
Just had a good mate working for Emirates (A330/340 Senior Check Captain) apply for Jetstar to keep his sanity and keep his wife/kids happy also.

At the interview he was asked what he claimed to be a really stupid question from the HR woman on the interview panel.
He gave back an equally sarcastic answer that had the pilots on the interview panel in stitches but the HR woman left looking like the goose she was for asking the stupid question in the first place!

Needless to say he didnt get the job.

How can this airline afford to overlook a 46 yo check Captain with that level of experience?

Yes - said individual is popular, easy going, laid back and professional.

So if these idiot HR people are calling the shots over the Pilots then this airline really does have problems!

As one guy said, "I'd really like to join Jetstar but Mum and Dad cant afford to keep me there! "

27th Jun 2007, 02:00
Sounds to me like he is the one who needs to get his #$% together.... Who has the tenacity to be disrespectful to the person interviewing them?

27th Jun 2007, 02:12
Perhaps Jetstar are tyring to get a new deal signed off now for 5 years because they know they will loose their appeal re AIPAs coverage of their pilots and when this happens (and Jetstar pilots come across) they will no longer have the JPC to deal with but more likely a larger organised union, which, when combined with the open SH EBA and LH EBAs in mainline, would result in a stronger bargaining position for the Jetstar pilots.

Hang in there all, we are all worth more...

27th Jun 2007, 02:24
I dont know.... do we really want AIPA representing the Jetstar pilot group? I myself say No... and so do a few others.

I think we will get what we deserve. I think the JPC has a much wider bargaining power with J* management then AIPA, and I feel we get better coverage through a smaller group such as the JPC. Unfortunatly there are 2500 QF pilot vs 300 JQ pilots who are trated like second class citizens by QF crew anyway so to what extent will AIPA represent the J* pilot groups needs.

Happy Gilmore
27th Jun 2007, 03:41

"Unfortunatly there are 2500 QF pilot vs 300 JQ pilots who are trated like second class citizens by QF crew"

OK Bulla. Lets have some examples of this. No I'm not talking about one or two instances, but you infer that this is the general feeliing of the QF pilots towards J* pilots. I think that it is more likely that this statement is a regurgitation of the BS that the JPC has been feeding you for a number of years. Its about time you all see that a united front is the best and most lucrative way forward for QF pilots and J* pilots as well as all the regionals as well.

Do you really think that 300 pilots will have more bargaining power than 2800 pilots(or more if including the regionals)?

Why do you think that QF and J* management are opposing allowing representation of all QF Group pilots?

Your a smart guy. Think about it.


27th Jun 2007, 04:15
G'day Happy,,

Get where your coming from. That sentiment isn't from the JPC though. I know 1 person on the JPC panel and they've never mentioned such things. Its just a general thing...

300 definitly does not have as much bargaining power as 3000, BUT what are we bargaining for here? A combined EBA accross all facets of the company? A group EBA.. now there's an idea however unlikely it may be. How will a combined effort halt the introduction of AWAs, Change the conditions of QANTASlink or allow cross business movement of pilots on similar pay and conditions?

Just remember.. they are not always out there to "get you".... collective bargaining agreements are good but like with all business dealing there has to be give and take. Seeing every business in the company has different needs I'm quite happy to sit on the fence on this one. I think the JPC has alot going for it rathar then AIPA. Time will tell.

27th Jun 2007, 04:48
Bula, "time will tell"...? Give me a break!
Mate how many times is the JPC going to allow the Pilot Group to get shafted. The VB pilot group were steadfast against their company's rhetoric and the company blinked first. The result: $8000 pay rise another $8000 one off and 3% I believe are the figures. Why? The company knows that pilot numbers in GA land are dwindling AND they need to retain as many guys as possible to keep their airline running. VB management chose the cheaper option to pay crews rather than park aeroplanes. The JPC should try entering a staring competition with management...just once. :rolleyes:

27th Jun 2007, 06:57
I'd be interested to learn what the REAL differences are in the number of monthly hours worked at Virgin, Jetstar and Qantas SH. Furthermore, differences in overtime, overnights, rosters, allowances etc.

All anyone ever talks about on prune is ones SALARY. I spose this is fair enough due to the subject being rather a hot topic at present, but isn't there more to an EBA than the almighty dollar? Personally I'd like to gauge what sort of work is being done to earn these wages, and there simply isn't enough reliable info around! So if anyone is keen enough, PLEASE enlighten me. Rest assured there are others out there who'd like to know!

(Queue the sound of man donning flak jacket...) :ouch:

27th Jun 2007, 10:18
Just off topic for a second, anyone know when the next council meeting is?

27th Jun 2007, 10:48
When Joyce tells them?:bored:

28th Jun 2007, 06:01
20K payrise, everyones jumping for joy :confused:

That'll only put a jet* skipper 10k behind a vb skip, and O/T at Vb kicks in lower at a higher hourly rate...............so whats to jump for joy about :{

...and just think ( could b a 1st for some ), if JQ management are offering such a seemingly generous offer....................WHY :hmm:

3rd Jul 2007, 14:35
TIMMEEEE - Friend of mine called me today regarding J* interview. Similar situation, experienced Jet captain, C&T, 45ish. Said the sim went well and passed the psych test (otherwise no interview). Thought he went OK in interview but was surprised there were no technical questions, just some idiot HR person asking stupid questions. Got a letter today saying he was unsuccessful. :confused:

That said, I've heard of people getting the no thanks letter and then being called up within a matter of weeks and given a start date. The whole process seems like a shambles to me.

If JQ keep this up I don't know where they think they will get their pilots from!!

3rd Jul 2007, 16:27
TIMMEE, tp86

Why would your mates (A330/340 Senior Check Captain:ok:) be happy sitting the right seat for the next five years of their limited life, putting up with the purple triangle (copyright:suspect:)or worse still, the very young Hitler’s in the left seat, who will break your mate's balls about some BS that makes their own little Hitler appendage appear very slightly larger...and on 5K a month???:p

JQ has dropped the psych test requirement (and the answer to the flight planning question is “Dublin”) which is only fair, given that the purple triangle and ALL the Impulse boys'n'boys didn’t even do it at all!!

Also, “Team America” is heading up to Singapore on July 23rd to offer AWAs to as many AIRBUS rated guys as possible….so tell your mates!!

Watch out pussycat..Whoooo ooo whooo whoo ooo :}

G.A. Boy
3rd Jul 2007, 20:03
Can anyone confirm that Jet* have dropped they psyc test requirement? As of 2 days they still gave me dates to do it in Sy, and said it is part of the Jet* process.

3rd Jul 2007, 23:45
UNOME....I Dont!!!!
Well done, thats the funniest post I have seen in a very long time, but it does make sense. Keep em coming......:D:D:D:D:D

Ben Beacon

max autobrakes
4th Jul 2007, 10:16
Any relation to Ben Dover ?

4th Jul 2007, 12:22
With regard to interview questions, answering technique/style: I have often heard that there are no right or wrong answers in these behavioural type interviews. Maybe your mates were baited to see what type of reaction they would have.....and it wasn't the right one! Maybe the interviewers reasoning is "Well if that's the way he is going to behave in the interview maybe he'll be the same if not worse on the flight deck = doesn't make for good CRM." Deep down you might think that the interviewer/s are dipsticks but you don't tell them that literally or sarcastically, which is tantamount to the same thing. You gotta have some smarts for just 45 minutes and play the game.

5th Jul 2007, 05:53
Word on the street is that your friend was Dick'd by his current employer for standing up to a workplace bully who'd been a protected species - much embarrassment caused! Unfortuantely a high price to pay.