View Full Version : Qantas SH EBA goes down

Capt Kremin
22nd Jun 2007, 06:47
Total Votes 514



percentage against-81%

Well done guys:D:D:D

Veruka Salt
22nd Jun 2007, 07:14
That's awesome. Yes, well done everyone (except the company negotiators :D)
VS :ok:

22nd Jun 2007, 07:35
Darth is not going to be a happy chap......:E:E

Waiting now for the doom and gloom media release from him.... :rolleyes:

22nd Jun 2007, 10:35
Bad luck for Dixon and his cronies - pilots can add up a few numbers and see when they're being screwed.

It's SUCH a surprise that the EBA was voted down! :D

Agent Mulder
22nd Jun 2007, 13:02
What will happen now?
1) Study Eastern Pilot and Jetstar Cabin Crew EBA's for pattern of behaviour to expect from Oldmeadow.
2) QF will toughen up and the only option available to the Pilots will be a form of protected Industrial Action.
3) Pilots will have to back up the vote by taking that action or will be forever regarded as spineless after all the tough talk and slagging off at others for not doing likewise. (Just an observation, not a criticism)
4) At the first sign of any action Qantas will run to Government seeking to have the following clause in the Workplace Relations Act invoked:
430 Suspension and termination of bargaining periods—general
powers of Commission
Suspension or termination required if certain circumstances exist

(1) Subject to subsection (9), the Commission must, by order, suspend
or terminate a bargaining period if, after giving the negotiating
parties an opportunity to be heard, it is satisfied that any of the
circumstances set out in subsections (2), (3) (7) and (8) exists or
(3) A circumstance for the purposes of subsection (1) is that:
(a) industrial action to support or advance claims in respect of
the proposed collective agreement is being taken, or is
threatened, impending or probable; and
(b) that industrial action is adversely affecting, or would
adversely affect, the employer or employees of the employer;
(c) that industrial action is threatening, or would threaten:
(i) to endanger the life, the personal safety or health, or the
welfare, of the population or of part of it; or
(ii) to cause significant damage to the Australian economy
or an important part of it.
The part just above in bold has been hiding to be tested for years and almost certainly came about as a result of the '89 dispute.
As an observer from afar, I wish you all the best and trust you will tread very carefully. :hmm: