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B A Lert
21st Jun 2007, 11:29
Viva Macau lures flyers with cheap airfares
Cheap fares are expected to lure tourists to Asia's gambling mecca.
Scott Rochfort
June 21, 2007 - 12:41PM

Viva Macau has marked its entry as the first Asian low-cost airline to fly to Sydney by offering three day flight and hotel packages in the Chinese territory for $768.

The airline started selling tickets on its website yesterday afternoon and announced this morning its launch of three weekly flights to Macau from August 16.

"We see ourselves as the first airline to really market Macau to the world," said Viva chief executive Con Korfiatis.

The two-class Viva is also offering return fares from $588 (including taxes) and "Super Star Class" business fares for $2370 return.

"Our mission is to put Macau on the map," said the former Qantas and Jetstar Asia executive.

Macau is expected to attract 26 million visitors this year, mainly from mainland China. The number of hotel rooms in the 27 square kilometre territory is expected to grow from 14,000 to 70,000 within the next five years.

Viva's growth plans hinge around the ongoing growth as Macau not only a gambling centre. Aside from banking on capturing some of the traffic between Sydney and Hong Kong, the airline hopes to tap into the rapidly growing Chinese tourist market into Australia. The Pearl River basin that surrounds Macau has a population of around 90 million people.

Viva is not the first budget Asian carrier to fly to Australia. The Singapore Airlines part-owned Tiger already operates flights from Darwin and Perth to Singapore.

The next Asian budget airline set to fly to Australia is Malaysia's AirAsiaX, which is reported to be close to choosing Melbourne's Avalon Airport as its first Australian destination. The airline plans to fit 396 passengers in its Airbus 330-300 aircraft. Qantas by comparison fits 307 passengers on its A330-300s.

AirAsia has also expressed an interest in flying from its Kuala Lumpur homebase to Newcastle airport instead of Sydney.

Jetstar said it was not fazed by Viva's entry, noting it offered $398 return fares to Phuket and $338 to Bali for its launch last year.

"It just underscores that we have open skies in Australia," said Jetstar spokesman Simon Westaway.

This is from the Sydney Morning Herald. The last paragraph confirms that the spin doctors at Jetstar really have no bloody idea. How fanciful is it to suggest that "we have open skies in Australia"?

Time for the boy to join the real world now that he works for a real (and that is debatable) airline.

22nd Jun 2007, 07:07
Good times

Air Asia X was meant to fly into Adelaide, anyone know what happened to that idea? Could it still be a second destination?

22nd Jun 2007, 10:29
396 punters - that's nearly 400 - on a 333!! :eek::yuk::yuk::eek:

22nd Jun 2007, 11:50
They'd have to pay ME to fly on that!

22nd Jun 2007, 20:27
Theyll still get the numbers. People will whinge but still choose to fly them for the cheaper ticket!