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The Good Samaritan
18th Jun 2007, 11:17
I greatly appreciate if anyone could furnish me with performance information about the E195.
Takeoff capability; field limit weight,second segment, final climb.
Altitude capability; max takeoff weight- max altitude- max range
Fuel burn;
Landing field requirement based on maximum Landing weight.
Area of operation ISA +15 to 25
Elevation 1000ft to 2500ft, 5500ft, 6600ft.
Any extra information is extremly helpful.

19th Jun 2007, 02:27
Well, found this on their website. Don't know how relevant it is:

Performance (AR Version)

Maximum Operating Speed - M 0.82

Time to Climb to FL 350, TOW for 500nm - 17min

Take Off Field Length, ISA, SL, MTOW - 7,386ft/2,251m

Take Off Field Length, ISA, SL, TOW for 500nm - 4,790ft /1,460m

Landing Field Length, SL, MLW - 4,708ft/1,435m

Range 70 PAX @ 220lb (100kg), LRC - 2,200nm/4,077km
Weights STD & LR versions
Maximum Take Off Weight - STD - 107,563lb/48,790kg
LR - 111,972lb 50,790kg

Maximum Landing Weight - 99,208lb/45,000kg

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight - 93,696lb/42,500kg

Basic Operating Weight - 63,603lb/28,850kg

Maximum Payload - 30,093lb/13,650kg

Maximum Fuel - 28,377lb/12,872kg

Weights AR version
Maximum Take Off Weight - 115,279lb/52,290kg

Maximum Landing Weight - 100,971lb/45,800kg

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight - 93,916lb/42,600kg

Basic Operating Weight - 63,824lb/28,950kg

Maximum Payload - 30,093lb/13,650kg

Maximum Fuel - 28,377lb/12,872kg

Not sure, pull what you can from http://www.embraercommercialjets.com.br/english/content/ejets/emb_195.asp

The Good Samaritan
19th Jun 2007, 02:58
Thanks n404, I already checked their website but I was looking for colleages who are actually flying the aircraft and can furnish me with actual data.:)

19th Jun 2007, 03:51
then take away 5% of everything I mentioned ;):}