View Full Version : Qantas Cadet Lvl 2- previous I.R. training still a no go?

15th Jun 2007, 09:14
G'day all,
Having a think about applying for the QF Cadet Scheme- have Aus CPL and about 300hrs TT with about 55 Twin.

But- I previously have passed the training and testing for the issue of a JAA Multi I.R. issued in the U.K.

I remember hearing some time ago that I.R. training of any sort automatically ruled you out for selection into the scheme.

Does this rule still apply?


15th Jun 2007, 11:38
Not necessarily, a guy 2 courses before us had 1000TT and some IFR, he had no probs!!

8th Jul 2007, 14:02
I'm in the same boat. I've previously done my IR but for various reasons, have never been able to use it. Now I'm wanting to apply for the Qantas cadet program but the website info specifically says:

"If you hold or have held an Instrument Rating (including a Private IFR Rating) you will not be eligible to apply for the Qantas Cadet Pilot Training Program. Additionally, if you do not hold an Instrument Rating but have completed some or all of the flying training towards an Instrument Rating you may be at a disadvantage in the selection process."

Can anyone shed any light on why they include this "maximum limitation" and how likely it is to be enforced?