View Full Version : Will this laptop fun Vista AND FSX? What d'ya reckon?

14th Jun 2007, 13:36
Just about to buy a new lappies after the last one had a total sense of humour failure and is now bricked.

Fuji - Semen Amilo 1718
1 Gig ram
256 ATI M200 (prob shared 256)
Vista Home Premium
Core Duo

Will this play FSX or will I need to retro to XP?

Whaddaya reckon Oh, Sons of Intel?

14th Jun 2007, 21:04
Will it run FSX, probably ok on XP as long as you dont turn up the sliders too far and make sure you have SP1 installed.

Don't have any experience of Vista yet but believe it to be a bit of a hungry beast so you may be at the poverty spec end of the range there...

Saab Dastard
14th Jun 2007, 23:19
Fuji - Semen

White goods, apparently :)


16th Jun 2007, 22:48
My advice, if it doesnt have dedicated graphics then Vista is just going to eat to much resources to make game play "playable"...

However, yeah FSX will run under Vista on this machine, not sure how far the sliders will go up though untill you start loosing to many frames per second that the game is to jerky and not really playable, my prediction is not very far up...

My partner has Vista on a very similar spec machine, but Turion X 2 and not intel, and i had to remove it as it wasnt going well at all...

FSX will run at Minimum slider levels on fairly low spec machines, so it really depends on how much graphic acceleration you are after...

17th Jun 2007, 08:01
I am flying FSX on a on Vista. To check if your lappy will cope, if you can, get a hold of one in a shop. Open control panel then system, you will find a `Windows Experience Index` and this will be a number. On the front of the FSX box it requires a win ex index of at least 3+ to run at a resonable frame/detail rate. So if your lappy dont match or better the 3+, think again.


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