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chemical alli
13th Jun 2007, 00:11
exactly how many aircraft of one type is profitable to run ? I have heard that unless you run a fleet of at least seven of the same type,it is not profitable,anyone with figures out there?

talking widebody a/c fleets

Going Boeing
13th Jun 2007, 02:34
QF management said during the mid nineties that a fleet of less than 12-15 aircraft was not economic. The example that they used was that the 4 A300's inherited when QF bought TN had spares inventory valued at $10m per aircraft whereas the 18 B744's (at that time) had a spares inventory of just $3m per aircraft. Another example was when they bought Impulse (8 B717's) they very quickly leased 6 more B717's as they could operate these aircraft with no more engineering capacity or spares. Very cheap additional capacity.

Now the small fleet of B743's is not efficient but they simply needed to keep these aircraft until the A380 arrives.

14th Jun 2007, 04:55
I heard 17 before it was worth buying a simulator...This was in the case of the Q400-noted not a widebody but the principles are the same for making a sim viable- introduction to Sunnies. I guess sim and training cost has something to do with fleet economies of scale.