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11th Jun 2007, 03:30
Does anyone know anything about this ASTRA strategic planning mob? I looked at their website [www.astra.aero] and there's not much there. It doesn't look as if anything's been added for years - even has references to Ansett! There seems to be a lot of 'secret squirrel' sub-sites if you're a member of the in-crowd - anyone got a password to get in? Was it something Dick Smith set up, or was involved in, you know, like another way into the airspace debates?

13th Jun 2007, 10:22
Sorry to pester, guys. You know how it is - once you drop off the front page you're history!

Does anyone have any gen on ASTRA? I'm trying to understand whether or not there's any long term planning going on for Australian aviation - or are we just 'drifting along in the global breeze'?

13th Jun 2007, 19:53
My inlaws drive an ASTRA

13th Jun 2007, 23:18
Why don't you send them an e-mail and ask? Their contact is on the home page [email protected] ([email protected])

Posting enquiries on this page and then getting indignant when there is no response from the rumour mill is counterproductive.

Ask ASTRA and then, post their reply on this forum.

14th Jun 2007, 01:10
Thanks Scorpio. Didn't think I was being 'indignant' - but apologies if that's how it came across.

I sent an e-mail to ASTRA three weeks ago - no response for two weeks - so I rang the secretary listed on the web-site. I was told that person hadn't worked for ASTRA or Airservices for over a year! I was told that ASTRA is about to release a new version of their airspace management plans - that's why I was asking if anyone knew anything about ASTRA or what they're doing.

I'd hate to think they were about to launch yet another airspace plan without consultation [although what's new about that?!]. Is that why RHS is so quiet these days?

SM4 Pirate
14th Jun 2007, 04:22
I think you are on to something... http://www.dotars.gov.au/aviation/airspace_reform/index.aspx has lots of information on upcoming airspace change; I'm not sure that ASTRA actually 'drives' anything. Reply's to the policy due tomorrow; get cracking...

14th Jun 2007, 06:37
Thanks SM4.

I has a quick look at the site you referenced - and in particular looked at the Draft Policy Statement on Australian Airspace. Look out guys - NAS is back, and it's bigger and better!! No wonder RHS has been quiet - he's got everything he ever asked for - and more - AND it's being written into law!!

The policy commits CASA to complete investigations on implementing NAS stage 3 by June 2008 - that is, by June 2008 they need to have a program in place to introduce low-level Class E airspace, AND Class E airspace corridors!

There are a HUGE number of inconsistencies in the document - too many to list here, but among them are plans to replace P, R and D areas with American type warning areas, and special use airspace areas.

Maybe I missed the 'broad consultation alert' on this through the last few weeks/months - did anyone else see this document before today?

Anyway, I will be reading this 'policy document' in more detail and sending a response tomorrow. Happy to include any comments you guys have.....[I suspect I already know some of them!!].