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chemical alli
9th Jun 2007, 04:48
so know M has taken over the role of fun police as well.after the giant guppie touched done in syd ,another new low on demoralisation was achieved.big M through side kick big k sent out an all points bulletin (no engineering staff to visit the 380)guess those girls and boys in qcc who work insome little office back hole really enjoyed the tour.but the poor engineers who through political ineptitude werent allowed even to cast an eye over the beast in fear they would turn to dust.

all i can say is M have it your way take your bucket of sh8t aircraft kiss some pr asses and stick it where it fits.soon you will realise the lames will not give a sh*it if they work on this thing or not,dont come crawling when it blows up in your face

9th Jun 2007, 05:04
With an ounce of luck M won't need to come crawling, but his replacement might.:E

Couldn't agree more, in the current climate who gives a rats toss bag if we work on the thing or not, especially since M doesn't want to pay us for the endorsement.:=

9th Jun 2007, 06:21
Don't worry fellas, you aren't alone.
We didn't get much notice either, two hours before the RSVP closed I think..
It's all part of the pen pusher agenda, creating the illusion that they ARE the airline.
As someone once remarked, if the bean counter has a car accident on the way to work, the flight still departs...

If an engineer or a pilot has the accident where does the aircraft go? :E

The best part of its landing just happened to be the runway inspection done after it landed...Guess you cant be too sure which bits fell off over Sydney and which on the runway :E

9th Jun 2007, 09:19
No no no Chemical, you have it all wrong. he didn't say that we couldn't visit the aircraft. he said "that given the current pressures on ACS, it was not feasible to nominate current ACS staff rostered on duty".

At least thats what David Cox said in his letter to the ALAEA.

You must have the same reading deficiency that I have as I am sure Kevins letter said we can't visit and there will be a strong security presence, so keep away.

You would think that they would be able to get their stories right. Geeze they are hopeless. Playing kindergarten games.

No SAR No Details
10th Jun 2007, 00:24
If anyone has a copy of Kevs letter they should give it to a rep so he can pass it on to the office. It would be bad to see Murray and David not playing the same tune.

10th Jun 2007, 00:43
Part of the communication to office staff. (my bold). Nice to be able just to step out of the office:rolleyes:

Important Points:
The RSVP list will be provided to Corporate today, who are responsible for the overall
organisation of the Staff Tours.
RSVP is required for security purposes.
You will be out of the office for approximately 90 minutes (inspection should take 30 minutes).
Limited spaces available.
Session times are subject to availability.

Flight Operations

chemical alli
11th Jun 2007, 07:44
i like this one day you can visit, the next day you cant rhetoric.lets all the pilots/engineers and cc use the same approach.oh you want me to fly the big plane yes today no tommorrow oh you want me to fix the big plane no today yes tommorrow,oh you want chicken or beef no today and tommorrow ,we only have fish hahaha