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8th Jun 2007, 19:21
Hi to Everyone,
I recently have been asked to help out on an initiative for a Children's Museum regarding Aviation. I wonder if some of you here may be able to provide some guidance in order to acquire some of the items needed.
Navtech has recently started working with the Waterloo Region Children Museum (Located in Ontario, Canada) to develop an aviation-related program to intrigue and enlighten children in the community.
The Children’s Museum is a hands-on facility focusing on children from kindergarten to grade 8 but kids of all ages can enjoy. The Museum prides itself in removing the stuffy idea of “look but don’t touch”; this Museum is all about touch and experiencing the art or technology first hand. The museum has a wide range of exhibits, from profiling the Art of Chagall where kids experiment with color and shapes, to robotics where the kids can make the robot talk and move.
The program will highlight aspects of the aviation industry to the community, focusing on the education curriculum, thus allowing the children not only to learn in the classical way but also through hands on experience.
Part of the display would showcase various pieces of an aircraft, such as landing gear, seats, doors, windows, cockpit instruments etc. The children’s museum would be able to put these item in a safe environment for the children to experience first hand, developing their appreciation for everything aviation.
Another part of the display will be to develop a very basic flight simulator which will allow the children to experience, hands on, how what they learned in class is put into practice.
And finally, an extension to the education program that will coordinate in class activities at local schools with Children Museum activities where the children can further their education by hands on experience.
I surely do appreciate any comments or thoughts from you all. My apologies if this is not in the appropriate area as I was not quite sure where to place this information.
Best regards