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8th Jun 2007, 07:46
In today's Australian I see [email protected]@ir is looking for ATR crew with at least 500 hours on type and 1000 PIC on FAR25 aircraft. HAAAAAAAA. Who are they kidding. How many ATR crew would be available world wide who would like to move to TL to crew their aircraft, let alone ATR experienced crew in Aus or NZ.
I don't think they will need a very big mail bag for the applications!:uhoh:
I see they also want a new FOM. What happened to DK?:cool:

8th Jun 2007, 07:56
And they only want to pay you Saab wages to fly it... :ugh::ugh::ugh: WTF...Can anyone comment if Slackair have got a High Capacity AOC?

Air Ace
8th Jun 2007, 07:59
I would think the advert may be of particular interest to endorsed pilots from the ATR42 operated by Air Queensland, also a number of Kiwi endorsed pilots looking at TL for warmth this winter.

Also I think there may be some interest from overseas pilots looking to settle in Australia.

I think you are under estimating the response.

8th Jun 2007, 08:20
i think you will be supprised. Let face it they have been in the industry a long time and they would have done their research before getting the aircraft.

They would not have done this just to see whats out there.

Use ya head a bit

8th Jun 2007, 09:18

You're kidding aren't you mate!

Have a look at what's going on around the industry.

If ever there was a case for birth control a generation or two ago, it would surely apply to most of the aviation "managers" in this country.

Our company continues to plan and act as if there is no problem. They are in deep sh#t, and there is no sign of any plan to tackle the real issues.

If you think that the managers at [email protected]@ir are any different, then maybe you should also put your faith in the tooth fairy.

8th Jun 2007, 09:27
They would not have done this just to see whats out there.
Use ya head a bit
Sorry bizzybody I don't know what I was thinking. Of course they know what they are doing...Pilots will be flocking to their doors to fly an ATR for SAAB wages.
i think you will be supprised I agree with you there....:hmm:

8th Jun 2007, 11:01
The company runs from crisis to crisis.

Management are most surprised to hear the pilots won't fly the shiny new toy for the same money as the old (and smaller) ones.

As of today;

No High cap Aoc
No F/As for ATR
No Pilots for ATR.

Can only get better.

8th Jun 2007, 11:10
Sucked in [email protected]@ir :p

8th Jun 2007, 19:50
Can anyone tell me the wage for a command on the ATR, have over 3000 Hrs on the damn A/c with about 2500 command?

Metro man
8th Jun 2007, 23:50
Dear Department of Immigration

We have advertised for pilots in the Australian press and recieved no suitable applications, therefore can we please bring in overseas pilots ?

Yours Faithfully

[email protected] Management

9th Jun 2007, 00:08

If you're that interested in the job, why don't you give them a call?

Max Talk
9th Jun 2007, 06:32
Couldn't believe the amazing timing. Right on the day that management were to meet the potential crews to discuss the EBA provisions for this aircraft, the Australian ad appears for outside crew. No; couldn't be; not a threat to scare the crews into accepting what the company offered surely !!! Nah, must have been an accident on behalf of the paper! :rolleyes: :suspect:

10th Jun 2007, 11:54
They're also competing against Jetcraft for pilots (and they've got 3 ATRs inbound). Funny thing is, Jetcraft are offering less money up front, but with $ per hour flown on top. I also understand Jetcraft only have some of their Metro pilots lined up for conversion so far.

About $54k is the rumour I've heard on ****** pay for ATR FO. I understand that most of the flight crew they've signed up so far are Saab conversions, rather than experienced on type.

Sounds like some interesting times ahead. Duck and cover!:uhoh:

10th Jun 2007, 15:33
There are plently in [email protected] that will sell loved ones for a ATR slot. Who Cares anyway.:yuk:

Air Ace
10th Jun 2007, 19:15
KRUSTY, I think you are allowing your animosity to influence your thinking. Whether you agree with Australian airline management or not, the fact is Australia has some of the most successful first, second and third level airlines in the world. [email protected] has been around a long time and seems to be very successful in what it does.

I know a few pilots that are the result of their fathers dipping in the gene pool when the lifeguards weren't watching! :E

It is axiomatic [email protected] will receive an adequate number of applications to meet it's needs. There are more than enough pilots out there content to apply to meet their personal needs and ambitions.

And I'm not associated with any airline.

10th Jun 2007, 23:26
So is ****** PFT or is it a more practical bond? if so for how long?

They had a few ads for pilots up lately thought i would send them something. Didn't want to waste my time though if they wanted $ up front..

10th Jun 2007, 23:28
Oh come on..... [email protected] air...

Fred Basset
8th Jul 2007, 07:23
Any update on when ****** are going to use their shiny new plane. Don't see the ATR isted in any of the ****** schedules. Were they going to use the plane on flights to Mt Isa.

Did they find any crew. Origin Pacific had a few ATR72s so I thought there would be some crews around.

8th Jul 2007, 07:48
My guess is they would rather see the entire process fail if it meant the alternative was to increase pay and conditions!

Sounds ludicrous I know.

A lot of that going on lately

9th Jul 2007, 22:38
[email protected] :) Mac air :) Mac-air :) Ma cair :) ****** := :mad:
I get it now!

9th Jul 2007, 23:42
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the CASA web site presently indicates they do not have the ATR on the AOC yet. ( http://www.casa.gov.au/casadata/aoc/...N539853-41.pdf )

That sounds like a more believable version of events.

There are Pilots around with C&T experience and ATR time, why there's one living in Tully as we speak ( ex TL CASA guy and great bloke, no that is not an oxymoron :)).