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8th Jun 2007, 02:49
Anyone attending rex interviews in June or July in Melbourne?
Whats the gouge on the interview, sim, and tech quiz?
How many pilots are they looking at hiring?

1.3 Standard Drinks
9th Jun 2007, 08:41
Longtime viewer but never felt the need to post until now, so as a virgin poster apologise in advance for any ineptness.

Halfmoon and others, hope this info helps, this is just my experience and views.

I have been with Rex for a few years now, so some of my info might be slightly outdated, but from what I have heard recently it hasn't change too much so it should be relevant.

Treat the interview like any interview, prepare in advance and do your homework. Before my interview I spoke to others who had recent interviews, those that already worked there, searched the website etc. for any relevant information. Big tip: Read and re-read the Terminal section of your Jepps, and review basic IFR stuff.

The interviews are now held in Melb at the Ansett Sim Centre. You will do an interview, sim ride and short tech quiz.

In the interview they will ask you questions like:

Tell us about yourself? Tell us about your career until now? Why do you want to work for Rex? These are all open-ended questions that give you a chance to push your positives, do a Google search on "Behavioural Interviews" for more info. Tell them how good you are without being to arrogant.

They will probably ask you some tech questions, about the aircraft you are flying now, definitely some basic IFR questions (again, make sure you know the terminal section of the Jepps) and may ask you about the Saab. They will probably ask you what you know about Rex, what bases we have, the routes we fly etc. just check the website.

I am always nervous before these things, I had only really been to two other aviation interviews previous to Rex. However the three guys that interviewed me were all good blokes and made me feel relaxed (as much as you can with interviews).


Turn off your phone, one guy recently answered his phone TWICE in his interview... he said he was a CFI of some school and needed to take the call. They let it slide once, but after the second time the interview was over!!

Know your stuff. A pilot recently interviewed said he was RNAV endorsed, turns out he was GPS/DGA endorsed but not RNAV, and he had been conducting RNAV approaches!! Another didn't know what the blue line on his ASI was! Another couldn't recall basic info (like fuel flow) about the aircraft he was flying.

Look presentable, this doesn't mean go out a buy a $500 suit, but at least wear a bloody tie!

As for the sim, my suggestion would be to get hold of MS flight sim and practice approach after approach on your computer. They are not looking for rocket scientists but they are looking for at least basic IFR standard.

I can't remember too much about the tech quiz, I think it was just a mixture of IFR and general stuff like acronyms etc.

There has been allot written on this forum lately about Rex, my advice to anyone wanting/going for an interview would be to read it and take it with a pinch of salt. I'm not saying it is not true (in my opinion some of it is and some of it is crap). What I am saying is be realistic, talk to as many people as possible and then make up your own mind. In my opinion Rex is a great company, what makes great is the people I work with. Most days I enjoy going to work and have fun, the Saab is a great aircraft to fly and again I work with mostly fantastic guys and girls. Morale is low at the moment and there is allot of improvement needed, but you would be hard pressed to find a better regional job out there, I'm enjoying it while I can.

I agree with most that the pay is crap and some of the conditions suck, but it is $hitloads better than my last job/employer. That said, it doesn't mean we have to accept it, and I for one am pushing for improvements.

We pilots love to whinge (I'm no different) and there are some downsides to working at Rex, but there are allot of upsides too, just enjoy it while you can can.... lifes to short!!

Thats my bit, hope it is of some help.


9th Jun 2007, 14:56
Why cant all virgin posters be like that. Thanks standard, not going for a job there atm, but good tips all the same!

9th Jun 2007, 15:22
1.3 SD's,

Great first post.

Keep up the good work.


9th Jun 2007, 23:27
good job 1.3.. very helpful

could you tell me about the tech quiz? they say you need a whiz wheel but i've never used one since student pilot days?

also since you work there what are the schedules like and bases? junior base?