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Deejay 1
5th Jun 2007, 12:05
Evening all

Had the pleasure of flying to MEL the other week, from ADL

Went over on the early with DJ in 700 series, sitting in wing exit row by the window. DJ cabin attendant ensured that my bag which was initially stowed under the seat in front of me was placed in the overhead locker, which was part of the safety announcement.

Coming back on QF in a 800 series sitting in same exit row window over wing seat same bag was placed under seat in front of me, where it remained for the flight, whilst I enjoyed a (complimentary) nice crisp white and some hot chicken stir fry thingy. No mention in safety announcement about bags being in overhead lockers, either verbal, on the video or by CA as they did their final check.

Can anybody shed any light as to the 2 different approaches on what is essentially the same aircraft?????

Rock on!

5th Jun 2007, 12:43
cabin bags are permitted under the forward seat at the exit rows on Qantas 737s

5th Jun 2007, 14:02
QantasLink (Impulse) on the 717 had the same restrctions too. As did jetstar on the 717 and 320 (dunno if that's still the case).

Qantas allows under-seat hand luggage at the overwing exits though crew are usually more strict than at other rows regarding the item being FULLY under the seat.

I believe it has something to do with the exit row pitch being less than 40" on JQ and DJ. This reason was also used when I asked why DJ and JQ do not have seat recline locks at exit rows with the seats fixed upright.

6th Jun 2007, 13:08
Yes I had the unfortunate experience of being seated in the row in front of the emergency exit on a DJ flight from Brisabane to Perth and quickly found that I could not recline the seat at all. Probably the most uncomfortable 5 hours on flight I have ever had!:*

7th Jun 2007, 07:33
Both Virgin and Qantas have a seat lock at the exit rows. So next time just ask the cabin crew to unlock the seat. :)

Balanced Moment
7th Jun 2007, 09:36
"Both Virgin and Qantas have a seat lock at the exit rows. So next time just ask the cabin crew to unlock the seat."

Incorrect. Virgin does not have a seat recline lock function in the exit rows. Seat recline in these rows - ie. rows FWD of an actual exit - is permanently disabled. You won't get far asking the crew to disable it!

Qantas does have this function.

8th Jun 2007, 05:01
QF: Bags permitted under exit row seats, as long as they are secure in metal bracket and do not protrude from recess onto floor space ....:)

13th Jun 2007, 05:36
What seat row are the exits on on the DJ 700/800?

Want to try to bag one on the web check-in!


13th Jun 2007, 06:40
Not sure about DJ policy but you might find those seats aren't available through self-check as ground staff need to check pax meet criteria for safety reasons.

13th Jun 2007, 07:04
Ah, fair enough.

Thanks anyway!

14th Jun 2007, 04:10
You can now secure a emergency seat on DJ through the internet by paying an extra $30!!!!!

Hell,that is normally the difference between a DJ and QF fare these days, I may as well just travel QF!

14th Jun 2007, 08:57
Well, I checked in on the net but when I got to the counter to check in my bag, I asked to change the seat for one in an exit row.

Got it, for free, and no-one sitting next to me! :}

And I can report that on the -700 it's row 12 you want.