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Forktailed Dr Killer
3rd Jun 2007, 11:49
Sorry guys, Surat is out - Meandarra is in!

Anyone know anything about the strip? It does not appear to be in the Champagne 3000 Flightplanner.


3rd Jun 2007, 12:22
Sure do, been in there heaps in a variety of aircraft including a Bonza. It's a gravel strip of 1100m, aligned sorta 09/27 from memory, adjacent to, parallel and south of the Meandarra / Tara Rd, at about 1000' AMSL. On your 3340 (Brisbane) WAC it is located about where "Cainable" property is shown at S27.21 E149.52. Other (ag) airstrips close by, but this is only one that matches all these criteria.
It has a sealed bit at each threshold and a decent dip in the middle. Don't use in the wet - you will get bogged. Not much chance of that at the moment though.:sad:
Whatcha doin there just out of interest?

Forktailed Dr Killer
3rd Jun 2007, 13:16
Thanks Jamair

I gotta drop someone off to pick up a truck.

How wet is "wet"? It rained there today!


3rd Jun 2007, 14:51
Ask yer local bloke to have a look / drive on it; if in doubt go to Surat or Tara - both are sealed.

PM me if you need a local contact who can check it out for you.

Jeez, rain at Meandarra - I'm impressed......:D

Check it on Google Earth - S27.20.40 / E149.52.42
(I got the lat/long wrong before - too late, too many ciders:E:sad:)

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