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30th May 2007, 17:18
Any users of the Bendix/King GPS can help please?
I want to be able to use the GoTo function using User-Defined waypoints.
I add such a waypoint, and can see it in the OTH3 database but when I select the waypoint I want to use and then push the GoTo button; ENT, it does not work. If I have selected a GoTo waypoint using the right side INT (manual entry, find from the list, scroll etc) and push GoTo;ENT it works just fine, but it is a pain having to search for the waypoint or enter it again, when it is available in the left side database (OTH3). If I have already selected a GoTo waypoint using the right side, doing it from the left will initially show that it is going to work, then the GPS goes back to the original GoTo point. If there is no GoTo selected, the left side just goes blank and flashes when I push ENT.
I have the instruction manual and it says it works the way I expect it to, and I have searched online for help, but come up short (OK, so I am only a little guy, but...)

1st Jun 2007, 02:46
Yeah if you've added your user defined waypoints to your route on the FLP page then the GoTo function should work. Can't think of a reason why it wouldn't?

2nd Jun 2007, 04:58
The manual says it should, too, but it don't. I even tried pressing GoTo twice! Desperate.

2nd Jun 2007, 10:26
At one time, I experienced this exact same difficulity with a KLN89B.
The fix was two fold.
The present data card was removed, and the pins that connect to same inspected closely.
One was just slightly misaligned and as a result, was not making proper contact.
The faulty pin was straightened (carefully), and a new database card then inserted.
Proper function restored.
Don't know if this will work on the KLN90, but certainly worth a try, I would think.