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29th May 2007, 20:20
Hi all,

As you airbus drivers know, A320's nose wheel steering is operated
by Green Hydraulic system..

But, what happens if you lose Green system?

Does Yellow system takes over and then you still can use NWS ???


Down Three Greens
29th May 2007, 20:37
Nope! No Green System...No NWS. See QRH 5.02 or FCOM 3.02.29 Page 3 if you have a copy. If you need it PM me.

29th May 2007, 21:55
As you airbus drivers know, A320's nose wheel steering is operated
by Green Hydraulic system..Errr... seems now not always :ugh: New ones seem to use the Yellow, for reasons best known to Airbus :rolleyes:

Dream Land
30th May 2007, 05:28
Why would you want to use the NWS after losing the Green Hyd. system? :confused:

Ndicho Moja
30th May 2007, 06:01
Dream Land. Perhaps to taxi off after landing and after having had a green syst hyd failure.

SRover40. In the begining and also upto just a few years ago, the NWS was on the Green system and the pressure was tapped off the nose landing gear door closing circuit. In the event of a manual gear extension, the nose gear door remain open and thus isolating the NWS. So even if you still have green hyd qty one could not use the yellow + PTU to provide NWS.

Airbus have since moved the NWS system from the green hyd syst to the yellow syst. The NWS now has two sources of hydraulic power....No2 engine driven pump and the yellow hydraulic pump.

Not that I much like the idea, but you can, should you so desire, taxi on one engine and have NWS.

I hope this helps.

Ndicho Moja.

Dream Land
30th May 2007, 07:09
Well please allow me to disagree, if I land without the Green Hyd sys. I will request a tow tractor.

Ndicho Moja
30th May 2007, 07:39
Disagree by all means, isn't that what this forum is all about.

If on the other hand the NWS is on another hydraulic system then no need for tow tractor. Just as the brakes have another supply.

You are correct. If the NWS is on the green syst only, then without doubt call for the tow tractor.

Dream Land
30th May 2007, 09:58
Just remember not to pull a NWA. :ugh:

30th May 2007, 14:19
if you have a copy. If you need it PM me.

May I PM you on that, too?

Down Three Greens
30th May 2007, 14:37
Feel free.


31st May 2007, 15:43
As stated, newest 320s have the NWS moved to the Yellow system A very good idea to separate the power sources for the landing gear and NWS. At the same time they also changed the limit pressure of 1000 psi when on emergency braking to be totally automatic. You can now floor the brakes and the pressure is automatically limited to 1000 psi. Why didn't they think of it before!

Dream Land
31st May 2007, 18:27
Sidstar, can you tell me what airframes have that feature, we have 321's with NWS on yellow hyd. Thanks

31st May 2007, 18:49
It came in about the same time as the EIS 2 introduction, if nobody else does will post a MSN from work tomorrow.

31st May 2007, 19:04

Have you checked the MMEL for NWS failure?

For what it's worth - You may well find that a A319/320/321 can dispatch with the NWS inoperative. :)

31st May 2007, 19:18
BA's latest A321 has this swap - EUXJ MSN 3081...

Mäx Reverse
2nd Jun 2007, 07:19
@ preppy

That's why I think the MMEL isn't worth the paper it's printed on. It's unbelievable, in which conditions AI let's you dispatch...

Fortunately my Company takes a different view on a couple of important items. And no, we do NOT go without NWS.

Good Luck, MAX

Dream Land
2nd Jun 2007, 08:09
Can I assume that all A321's with NWS on Yellow Hyd have the automatic 1000 PSI ALT braking sys?