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25th May 2007, 08:47
Can anyone point me towards a source that I can find out the approximate landing distance - on water - for a Sunderland MkIII, near full fuel and in zero wind?

Calculating takeoff distances and data would also be helpful.

Saab Dastard
26th May 2007, 20:49

I wish I could give you better than approximations, but a landing area of about 3/4 - 1 mile would be typical.

I re-read Gordon Mackenzies book "Bird of the Islands", in which he flies a Short Sandringham (with P&W twin Wasps) around the South Pacific.

No actual distances are given, but there are references to "1/2 mile remaining after touchdown", "3 boats with lights @ 1/4 mile spacing marking the landing path".



sunday driver
30th May 2007, 15:31
Have checked my archives
Have every possible fact about Sunderlands, bar two . . .
. . . distances for alighting and take off
But I understand that the Sunderland which landed at Angle had a very short run indeed.
I will keep searching, and let me know if there's anything else you need (I have load sheets and drills which are not in the Pilot's Notes).
Of course, Ken Emmott would know.
btw, why the interest?

4th Jun 2007, 17:53
Not what you're looking for but you might find it interesting to Google 'Flying Empires pdf' (author Brian Cassidy). A lot of historical, technical, performance and flying information regarding the Short C Class Empire flying boats.

11th Jun 2007, 09:41
Presumably the early Sunderlands took off from the Medway next to the Rochester works (I know much of the volume production was built in Belfast).

Every time we visit Rochester Castle I stand and look down on the river and wonder just how they got in and out of that stretch of water. It's not very straight and Rochester bridge would have restricted them to the upstream direction. The M2 vaduct (let alone the Channel Tunnel train viaduct !) was not built at that time, of course, but it still seems all so tight.

Old Hairy
13th Jun 2007, 13:00
Mk5,full flap 600-700 yards,used to do it across the Singapore Straits,returning from "Firedogs"after flagwags......aaah happy days:ok::ok: