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21st May 2007, 11:23
Just been reminded, on a trip to the other side of the ether that tonight on May 22nd, 1927 at 22.22, Charles Lindbergh landed at Le Bourget after a flight lasting thirty three and a half hours.
Hats off gentlemen!:D

21st May 2007, 11:56
without lindbergh, we might be doing other jobs.

brilliant man. the public is forgetting his accomplishments.

a friend was master of ceremonies at the lindbergh foundation's dinner celebrating the 80th anniversary.

and of course, now it takes just as long to get your luggage as his flying time and you don't even get a ham sandwich

21st May 2007, 12:37
One of many commemorative items: Go to http://www.northjersey.com/ and enter Lindbergh in the search window (spelled correctly, of course).

21st May 2007, 12:41

Prompt noted!:O
Many thanks.:)
Action taken.:eek:

21st May 2007, 16:41
Interesting that had C.A.L. been a better engineering student, and had he stayed at UofW for the Engineering Degree, then he would likely never have gone to UPT, never worked for Robertson (CAM#2 at STL), and never met his BACKERS for the attempt on the Orteig Prize.

After military UPT, C.A.L. went to work for Robertson there at St. Louis, on the start-up of the CAM#2 [15Apr26]. Ten years later Bill Robertson joked that CAL was his most expensive pilot -- having abandon two company aircraft (50% of his fleet in 1926).

Found some interesting PHOTOGRAPHS, now on the web:

Image GDGPS0137.JPG is from the 1926 start-up (shows a younger C.A.L.); [who is the pilot on the left??]

Image GDGPS0087.JPG shows Robertson's four aircraft (1926);

Image GDGPS0088.JPG shows an older C.A.L. egressing (??? when ???);

***==> Image GDGPS0136.JPG shows an older C.A.L. (??? when ???);
this image shows Tom Nelson on the far left (killed in Dec' 1929); both TP Nelson and Phil Love (just to CAL's left) were CAL's classmates in UPT, in his Reserve unit, and also worked on the CAM#2 start-up.
??? Can anyone recognize the other three pilots in this image #136 ???

Re' the Saint Louis Backers for the Spirit of Saint Louis, here's a mention in _Time_,

Time Magazine, Monday, Jun. 10, 1935
[This “correction” mistakenly omits the name of Frank Robertson.]

Lindbergh's Eight


Two air-minded brothers cannot sit back and let pass unnoticed your error in referring to Gerard Barnes Lambert as ''angel for the Lindbergh flight" (TIME, May 27 [1935]).

Of the original eight backers of Col. Lindbergh — apparently now to become as numerous as Mayflowerites — my brother Albert, together with the writer, constituted the only representatives of the family.

We love our seafaring brother, Gerard, but believe in each man to his own medium. For ourselves, Albert and I insist in this instance on being "given the air."

New York City

TIME gladly straightens the record of the Original Eight who back Col. Lindbergh. Besides Brothers Wooster & Albert Bond Lambert (Listerine), they were:
-- Banker Harold McMillan Bixby, credited with naming the Lindbergh plane Spirit of St. Louis;
-- the late Banker Harry F. Knight, his son & partner Harry Hall Knight;
-- Publisher E. Lansing Ray of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat,
-- Major William Bryan Robertson, vice president of Curtiss-Wright Airplane Co..
-- Earl C. Thompson, then operator of a one-plane sightseeing service at St. Louis Airport, now selling stocks, bonds & insurance at Kennett, Mo.

— ED.
[note the editors still omitted the name of Frank Robertson from their list of backers (FR had died from TB)]

MSP Aviation
22nd May 2007, 01:58
He was a feckin Nazi.

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."
- Desmond Tutu

22nd May 2007, 20:23
Thirty three and a half hours! And we complain about our rosters!

22nd May 2007, 22:37
Never really understood all the hype about Lindbergh. Not to denigrate his accomplishment but Alcock and Brown did it first and the two crew scenario remains to this day and they weren't Nazi symphasisers.