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18th May 2007, 04:57
Is this just a re-badged, re-hashed version of the budget terminal they built for Virgin back in the 'good old days' or is it a new-build facility? Interesting that with this terminal, MEL can effectviely compete with Avalon (assuming the latter needs to get ARFF soon)

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Tiger Airways Australia to Become Anchor Tenant in Melbourne Airport Terminal Four

Tiger Airways Australia will be the anchor tenant to operate out of Melbourne Airport's Terminal Four when it starts domestic flights in Australia later this year.

Terminal Four will be designed with the aim of providing effective facilities specially tailored to Tiger Airways' low fare model to enable efficient turnaround of aircraft and passengers. Passengers will benefit from the straightforward check-in and boarding process with Tiger Airways' aircraft parked right up front of the terminal. Terminal Four is conveniently located immediately adjacent to the other terminals so passengers can be off the plane and into their cars in minutes.

Although more basic than Melbourne Airport's existing terminals, Terminal Four will be equipped with retail and convenience facilities to cater to passengers requirements. The uncluttered structure will bring travel back to the basics by paring down unnecessary frills such as business lounges and aerobridges to keep costs low, but provide a safe and completely efficient service with consistently low fares.

"Tiger Airways is delighted that Melbourne Airport is providing us with a terminal that will allow us to live up to our mantra of providing efficient and punctual airline service to our passengers at the lowest possible fares. Operating in Terminal Four with the true low fare airline model adopted by Tiger Airways that has proven to be so successful in the US, Europe and Asia. We will work closely with Melbourne Airport to ensure that our customers enjoy the unique Tiger Airways experience of reliable services while paying the lowest possible fares," said Tiger Airways CEO Tony Davis.

Melbourne Airport CEO Chris Barlow said: "Terminal Four will provide passengers with a unique airport experience. It will be a low-frills facility, providing good value for Tiger Airways and its passengers. We are pleased to be able to provide effective and safe passenger facilities that help Tiger Airways deliver its low-fare model here in Melbourne."

18th May 2007, 05:07
I don't think it will be the same building, as the one you are thinking of is where the Security Department of MEL airport is housed.

18th May 2007, 05:16
the one you are thinking of is where the Security Department of MEL airport is housed.

So it's empty then? :}

18th May 2007, 05:54
Just for your info, Avalon has RFFS...not to mention plenty of space!

18th May 2007, 06:27
The old roadside (checkin hall) part of the Domestic Express Terminal that Virgin used to use is now Melbourne Airports offices and operations.

The long walkway to the boarding shed is long gone and the boarding gates building has been relocated and is now the Clubhouse for the Melbourne Airport Golf Club.

Where the parking bays were are now the Golf freight apron.

Only real place for a new terminal building would be to build the Foxtrot finger all the way out to the end. Essentially where the Ozjet entrance used to be?

18th May 2007, 07:14
Little OT Q
Does the bottle shop that was in the Ansett office block complex Tulla still exist?

18th May 2007, 07:52
No it doesn't..................................................... and neither do the Jackeroo & Golden Nugget Bars. :mad:

18th May 2007, 08:03

Last take off/visit out of Tulla Xmas 1988.

Howard Hughes
19th May 2007, 00:28
Were airlines BYO in 1988?;)

Buster Hyman
19th May 2007, 00:51
Ah, the Golden Nugget. Often confused with the Golden Rivet!!!

19th May 2007, 06:20

The old Astrojet Centre - that brings back memories. Not a bad little bottle shop that one!

ruby tuesday
24th May 2007, 07:22
Any news on the proposed network ex MEL?

24th May 2007, 13:18
I dont think its announced yet, but apparently they lookin at Adelaide and sydney for starting routes.

Cactus Jak
31st May 2007, 00:31
Give us something a little bit more specific about these guys, otherwise stop wasting everyones time.

31st May 2007, 07:14
Just one small issue with Tiger planning on flying into SYD... where are they going to set up shop? Will they use the end of T2's Virgin concourse as Ozjet did? Its a bit easier in MEL where they have all the room in the world to put together a new shed but now DHL has taken over the SYD express terminal, looks like it will be sharing with VB. Will be fun and games as VB seem that they are sometimes struggling for room with REX even taking up a bay every so often.

31st May 2007, 08:14
Word has it ( from someone who has been interviewed ) the much touted " paying better tha JQ " will involve in the order of 1000hrs/year flying. Also, its another blue shirt outfit :{:{

1st Jun 2007, 04:04
1000hr/yr. minus 6 wks annual leave =46 wks..
1000hrs/46 = 21.7 hrs/wk
21.7 x 4ish =87 hrs/mth.
SO what?
Isnt that the norm in J* and VB and QF...Or at least JQ and VB.. QF pilots are over paid and underworked.

"Get back you dogs, back I say."

The Kavorka
1st Jun 2007, 04:30
On the money Fender.....
Around 95hrs a month I reckon..

They are dreaming if they think guys are going to leave JQ,VB or QF to fly for them if the money is not a whole greater, Why would they/I?

Look what has happened to other airlines in the past who have tried and failed and I believe Tiger will fail...and then what...back to flying out of HK, I don't think so....Pilots won't risk their futures for a small payrise....

Maybe after they have been around for a couple of years they my start to attract more Aus based pilots....

1st Jun 2007, 07:17
You misunderstood me Kav.
People will go to Tiger to get away from the purple circle. From what I hear from friends, they can't wait to jump ship. Admittedly, they are cautious and waiting for more info.

2nd Jun 2007, 09:32
Fender, r u an accountant....I hope not :rolleyes:

1000hrs divided by 10.5 months ( 6 weeks leave = less than 1.5 months, but anyway ) = 95 hrs per month.
Having done 90 odd hours/month over a few months more than a few times, all I can say is: good luck with that, every day off will be spent recovering :uhoh:

PS: whats purple circle :confused: if you mean blue shirt brigade, you're again :{ mistaken.

2nd Jun 2007, 10:16
Sorry, I hate math.

But there is a diff between Purple brigade and blue shirts.
The difference is the FIG JAMs and the others.

2nd Jun 2007, 10:23
Sorry fender,still lost, you have to speak plain english, I'm not that smart :}

In JQ, blue shirt = FIGJAM

5th Jun 2007, 15:35
I have no problem when moderators edit posts to protect individuals or even friends...however, please be courteous and leave a note so that we may understand why entire posts (such as mine), with information relative to the subject, are deleted without explanation.

Over the past year many threads have been prematurely locked or posts deleted when J* MANAGEMENT is being "discussed".

This has lead to the term "purple circle" being adopted.

I certainly trust that the moderator's are monitiored and remain at "arm's length", and our freedom of speech/ anominity remains intact. :bored:

7th Jun 2007, 00:19
thats not how we did it at Ansett :{:{

9th Jun 2007, 01:17
This just in ...............
200K for 1000hrs
Employed a certain Jet* outcast :confused:

9th Jun 2007, 06:15
As I understand it the old VB terminal, now APAM (MEL airport authority) building is to be reinstated for Tiger use.

Only difference is they are to walk the passengers to/from the aircraft and not have the remote building as in the past.

Should be interesting.:eek:

9th Jun 2007, 07:06

I'm not an accountant either, but I calculate 94.16925 hours per month........is that close enough? :}

10th Jun 2007, 06:05
Thank god I ain't an accountant. But non the less, I have done 95 hrs per month for some time and I personlly don't find it all that taxing.
But I am big strong HE MAN

Cactus Jak
11th Jun 2007, 06:59
200K for 1000hrs

I hope your right but I find this figure very hard to believe. F/Os would be on roughly 120k. Fan-bloody-tastic :ok:

11th Jun 2007, 14:36
What's a checkie/training rate going to be then? Gut feeling it is the above rate/so called quote!

17th Jun 2007, 00:21
Does anyone know if Tiger Singapore and Tiger OZ will be separate companies? Or will they have joint seniority?

For instance, if you spend some time with them in Singapore, would you start at the bottom if you then transferred to Melbourne at a later date?

16th Sep 2007, 07:47
1st a320 arrived at tulla only bout 2months early????? why, earler start....opinions please

16th Sep 2007, 09:41

16th Sep 2007, 09:56
Milocole I daresay the aircraft is here in time for them to obtain AOC - proving flights, evac demo's, crew training etc etc etc. You cant just have the aircraft arrive on the sunday to have the airline launch its first commercial flights on the monday...

training wheels
16th Sep 2007, 10:09
It's not all that clear in the pic, but looks like a Singapore registered aircraft? 9V-TAA?

16th Sep 2007, 10:14
It's not all that clear in the pic, but looks like a Singapore registered aircraft? 9V-TAA?
some people are very observent, perhaps as in the big dispute of some years hence, when foriegn registered aircraft where not only allowed into Aus they actually operated there. Also maybe in the plan leading up to the start of operations a reregistar is on the cards.

17th Sep 2007, 04:41
Oleo I had a quick look at Tiger when I got my new shiney
A320 driving licence - theres no seniority at all anywhere for
anything and both Companys are separate (on paper).

17th Sep 2007, 15:33
Or maybe it's just visiting for a few days for training and some promo stuff.

12th Oct 2007, 23:54
Anybody got PICs that they can upload for threAD OF T4,

-personal pics
-news pics
links to news videos aout T4 opening?????????