View Full Version : Information on British TP's required

13th May 2007, 13:54
Hi all,

I am trying to fill in some missing information ie year of passing and also looking for any copies of obituaries for the following British Test Pilots/Nav's

Geoffrey Haig-Pike (de Havilland)

Ron Clear xxxx - 2005

Tom Brooke-Smith (Shorts) 1918-xxxx

Geoffrey Tyson (Saunders-Roe) 1907-xxxx

Sqn Ldr Jack.B.Wales (AvRoe) xxxx-1956

Peter Moneypenny (BAC) xxxx-xxxx

Also looking for year of passing of

Joseph 'Joe' Smith (Supermarine Aircraft Designer) 1897-xxxx

Any help in filling in some missing dates or copies of obituaries/information on them woul be most helpful