View Full Version : What is happening to Balair (SAirgroup)?

26th Jun 2001, 18:13
Quick question:

Given SAirgroup's recent implosion, what is the word related to the future of Balair with its uncommon fleet of Boeing aircraft (B757s and B767s)?

I heard that it MIGHT be divested or closed down (cannot confirm - reason for this question...). If so, what would happen to the pilots - would they transfer to Swissair or Crossair? What is likely to happen?

I am not trying to be alarmist - just curious and I wish the Balair pilots the best!


26th Jun 2001, 23:07
Here's more or less what's brewing:

At first, Balair was going to be split, LH to Swissair and SH to Crossair, getting rid of the aircraft. Hotelplan, the tour operator was not that happy with the solution, wanting to keep the ops under one roof. Right now, SR/LX/BB and Hotelplan are in talks. Solutions are:
- Split ops as above, no good to Hotelplan
- Hotelplan operates the BB fleet, employs its own pilots. No good, as complicated to set up and expensive.
- SR to operate the whole. No good at all, as operating costs are way too high, the very reason Balair already ceased operating twice.
- LX to operate the whole. Financially the best. Vetoed against by the almighty SR pilot union, Aeropers, on the grounds of cockpit crew quality (...???). More a matter of them fearing for their wages.

Of the pilots BB presently employs, almost all (about 60) are SR pilots and will return to SR (will be interesting to see what they will do with them...). The remaining few will, in typical fashion, be given the chance to go through the whole SR selection, again if SR has the need for pilots...

So, alea jacta est ;)

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