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24th Apr 2007, 07:58
I wonder if anyone can help, or dredge something up from their memories. I was at Grafham village in Cambridgeshire at the weekend talking to one of the locals. He told me he recalls a Canberra being involved in a mid air collision and crashing near the village, he thinks in 1957 (he was about 5 at the time so a few years either side may be appropriate). The story doing the rounds at the time was that the other aircraft was being flown by an unqualified member of crew (possibly showing off to his girlfriend) from nearby RAF Alconbury. I have tried searching here on Pprune and Google to no avail. Any info or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

henry crun
24th Apr 2007, 11:07
Kitbag: Broken Wings records all post war major accidents to RAF aircraft.

Between Jan 1954 and Dec 1961 the only midair collision that could possibly fit your description on 13/6/1958 when a PR7 of 58 Sqd collided with a T33 on approach at night.

The Canberra crashed 1ml east of Spaldwick, Hunts.

24th Apr 2007, 15:09
Henry, many thanks. For those who don't know it the book Broken Wings is available from Air Britain, ISBN: 0 85130 290 4.

Best wishes to Min

8th Feb 2010, 18:49
I was stationed at raf molesworth-1955-1956.this accident accured shortly after leaving molesworth for the states. I served as an air traffic controller. the t-33 piolet was capt. david c. evans. he was my co and tranaffered to alconbury. I read this in newspaper. if you learn more please let me know. I am retired faa air traffic after leaving usaf in 1958thanksglenn wittge