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14th Apr 2007, 20:28
Found at http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/business/story.html?id=e47f7e92-9b4e-4b5e-9021-adc23cc9ea02 (http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/business/story.html?id=e47f7e92-9b4e-4b5e-9021-adc23cc9ea02) :

"Mars water bombers to stay at Port Alberni

Sandra McCulloch
CanWest News Service

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Martin Mars water bombers are staying in Port Alberni, thanks to a
decision by TimberWest to accept a bid by the Coulson Group of
Companies, a major heli-logging firm.

"It's good news, really good news for Port Alberni," said Port Alberni
mayor Ken McRae on Friday.

"[CEO Wayne Coulson] is a local person, born in the community, and
employs 400 to 500 workers in our area already, a good corporate
citizen. They couldn't have gone to a better organization."

The terms of the deal are confidential, said TimberWest spokesman Steve
Lorimer, but added that the aircraft will continue to be based at Sproat
Lake near Port Alberni.

That's great news for the 22 mechanics and engineers who maintain the
aircraft through Flying Tankers. Manager Terry Dixon said Friday the
workers are relieved. "The main thing is the planes will stay for awhile
and Coulson intends to operate them. [The planes] are too young for

TimberWest announced in November 2006 that the two huge water bombers were for sale. The news saddened many on Vancouver Island. The amphibious [sic] aircraft won admirers over 46 years fighting forest
fires in the area.

The bombers were originally operated by a consortium of five forest
companies, but all dropped out except TimberWest. Reasons for the sale
were economic. It costs TimberWest $1 million a year to maintain the
aircraft and a lack of forest fires in recent years kept them mainly