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Bruntingthorpe Rat
11th Apr 2007, 19:28
Hi all

Can anyone help us with a little colour scheme information?
We know that our Jet Provost T-3A, XN584, had when it served at RAF Cranwell as a T-3 in the silver and day glow orange scheme, a blue band around the rear fuselage ( I have a colour photograph of her).
It was returned to Cranwell, after modification to a T-3A, in the later red and white training command scheme.

What I wish to find out is, did the Cranwell T-3As in the later scheme have the blue band? I know that some of the later T. Mk-5s and 5As did.
Also, what is the correct colour for this blue band and what were the dimensions and exact position?

Any help would be appreciated.

11th Apr 2007, 19:36
BR, please see your PMs.

Amos Keeto
11th Apr 2007, 21:20
See here: