View Full Version : UAL Mech. Please Vote "YES"

12th Feb 2002, 05:49
Just do the right thing. I know you deserve a better contract, but now is not the right time to fight the battle. It's time to pull together as a company and make UAL strong again. Unity At Last!

. .Just one farm boys opinion! <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

12th Feb 2002, 06:13
Don't worry son, ALPA will take care of you...

And how!

The IAM is not noted for self-preservation instincts.

Been there, done that, hope your luck is far better.

12th Feb 2002, 08:52
feet together and pull the colective triger I fear

12th Feb 2002, 09:14
The mechanics and related can vote any way they please, it won't make a difference. Do you think the IAM will allow the mechanics and related to strike while the rest of the IAM ground workers have to cross the picket lines, because the NMB hasn't released their group?

12th Feb 2002, 12:57
You would have to be an idiot to vote yes on the contract. There is a shortage af qualified A&P Mechanics. These guys have not had a raise since 1994. In fact a car mechanic with no license at all makes more money per hour fixing Ford's and Chevy's. An aircraft cannot go anywhere without a sign-off by an A&P. I say park the jets until the money you deserve comes along. Good luck guys and stick to your principals