View Full Version : Beagle Pup @ 40

Rallye Driver
10th Apr 2007, 06:35
Easter Sunday was the 40th anniversary of the first flight of the Beagle Pup prototype from Shoreham Airport.

Pup and Bulldog pilots marked the occasion with a seven-ship flypast. There was a birthday cake too.

The weather was wonderful and we had a really great day, helped by the great efforts of everyone at Shoreham.

Some images are here:


Looking forward to the 50th!

RD :ok:

Brian Abraham
10th Apr 2007, 10:05
Nice to see the Pup grew into a healthy Bulldog but I didn't think they lived that long. :rolleyes: Congrats never the less for the milestone. :ok: For me I wish I still had access to that other animal, the Chipmunk. :sad: