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9th Apr 2007, 18:54
Hi All

Looking for photos of a particular T7 - WL360 - any Meteor enthusiasts out there who may be able to help please.

Amos Keeto
11th Apr 2007, 21:41
Here she is - I took this on the gate at RAF Locking, Weston-Super-Mare on 7th August 1970.


12th Apr 2007, 16:19

Many thanks.

14th Apr 2007, 09:30
One of our guys lives near Chalgrove, says he saw two Meteors flying there the other day; from what he tells me, one was doing bang seats and the other was flying chase. Are they both airworthy at the same time? Unusual if they are.(One black, the other light coloured and yes I did suggest the black one might be a Hawk, but he says no definitely both meatboxes)

15th Apr 2007, 06:27
Martin Baker ?

15th Apr 2007, 07:51
Yes MB operate from Chalgrove for bang seat testing; they're allocated two Meteors (hybrids I believe; T7 with F8 tail sections or something similar) of which only one is usually airworthy at a time to preserve airframe hours.

15th Apr 2007, 11:43
One of Martin Baker's Chalgrove-based Meatboxes was flying at Brize a week or so ago. Good to see it keeping the other ancient RAF aircraft at Brize company!

MB has two 'Mark seven-and-a-half' aircraft - WL419 (silver grey and dayglo) and WA638 (hi viz black). Both are T7s fitted with F8 tail units and other mods - including a special canopy.

An earlier Mk 7 1/2, WA634, is at Cosford museum.

John Robertson
16th Apr 2007, 10:04
To ATR42300

I have several photos of the T7 WL360 - what are you looking for?