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radials only
7th Apr 2007, 15:37
If anybody has information about anything relating to Alvis Leonides Major engines. Technical information. Repair Manual. I would appreciate hearing from You. Thank You. [email protected]

8th Apr 2007, 05:41
If memory serves, one of the last workshops doing Leonides overhauls was in BAC's Hurn works - right between the 1-11 final lines! They also used to get the odd Pembroke or Sea Prince in for refurb. Maybe someone in Flight Refuelling (or ex-Airwork) at Hurn may have some information?

This link gives some preservation groups that may be able to help you:

8th Apr 2007, 06:44
I would suggest CFS at Coventry, they are situated in the old Alvis works and do all the overhaul and repairs for the Leonides engines used by the Air Atlantique Classic Flight.

9th Apr 2007, 17:07
As far as I Know the only Leonides Major installations were in the Handley Page Herald prototype, the Navy Westland Whirlwind Mk 7's and the two Queens Flight helicopters before they were turbine powered. I flew the last ex Navy Mk 7 which is now in the Helicopter Museum. Presumably all the engine manuals went there with the helicopter.
It was not my favourite engine/airframe combination as the engine had to work at high rpm all the time for which I am sure it it was never originally designed, the throttle/collective lever correlation was the worst I ever came across and the hydro mechanical clutch also contributed its share of unreliability problems. Before starting, a little crank inside the front cowling had to be turned 96 (!) times to turn the engine over to ensure no hydraulic locking.
Now prepared to be shot down by ex Navy Mk 7 drivers who will insist it was the bees knees and the queen of the skies.

cvt person
9th Apr 2007, 17:30
Plus the Bristol 173 mk III and the Bristol 191, neither very successful.