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24th Jun 2001, 23:19
I might be going to Beirut Intl soon and am looking for specific information or experiences flying in (at night) and anything else worth to mention. e.g. ATC?
Anyone cares to reply?


24th Jun 2001, 23:38
Very good radar, ILS on runway 18. Limits a bit high but weather usually very good at this time of year. Excellent new terminal building with cheap duty free. You will be impressed by the service and the city. Enjoy!

25th Jun 2001, 01:11
Just landed there an hour ago!
Weather in the summer is good, tonight there was just some sattered clouds at 2300'.
MSA 5000' to the West and 11000' to the East due to mountainous area.
Arriving from the West via entry points Balma,Kukla or Silko:
-Arrival over the sea, you'll be radar vectored for an 8 mile final for ILS/DME Runway 18. Outermarker(BOD) is situated at the northern tip of Beirut. Minimum crossing height on a visual is 1400'.Mimima is 585 for a CAT C airplane due to some high buildings on approach. Runway is a bit hard to see at night as the lights are not as strong as the surrounding city lights. No approach lights on RWY 18.just PAPI.Runway 03 is used if the wind is northerly and it has an ILS/DME approach lights and centerline.If you are aiming for a greaser- the threshold area is an upslope!
-Arriving from the East you can expect a Beirut 1 Arrival.Due to hight terrain you will be cleard to 10000' 15NM East of Checka CAK VOR.Further descent only after crossing the VOR.At this point you will be hight on your profile for RWY 18 and you'll have to anticipate this.
If you need more info,no prob!

25th Jun 2001, 07:14
Well I just have to post on this one!! To answer your question it's a very straight forward approach and a nice one to do with the automatics off - beware of lineing up with the well lit highway on the right of 18, and also the new rwy 17 for that matter, if going visual. Also depending on stand number there's normally an acceleration into the drainage gulley as you come on stand and followed,if your not used to it, by a full stop on the up side about 10 feet short of the gate!
What a great place hope you get some time there //

25th Jun 2001, 12:24
Tx a lot guy's for the info.
Looking forward!



25th Jun 2001, 15:07
Don't know if they're still there or not, but believe it or not there were 2 (count 'em, 2!!!) Hard Rock Cafe's in the city.

One was owned by Canadians and the other USA owned.

Buy the T-Shirt and you'll have a real ice breaker when you get home.

(How many people do you know that have a "Hard Rock Cafe-Beruit" T-Shirt?)

25th Jun 2001, 16:16
New R/W 17/35 opening imminent, believe 27th.
Then 18/36 will become a taxiway!
Check your nav database & notams.
95% of T/Off's from R/W 21.

25th Jun 2001, 17:17
Ah the end of an era I'll have to change my username !!