View Full Version : Cosmos Takeover

19th Aug 2001, 18:09
Rumour on the apron who`s buying Cosmos?
:confused: :eek:

Lou Scannon
19th Aug 2001, 22:43
Asking 10 million for something that makes an annual loss of 1 million could be a tad optimistic. If they want someone like Airtours of First Choice to buy they would have to pay a premium not collect some cash.
I hear that one of the investment groups may be interested.

20th Aug 2001, 12:10
From the Mail On Sunday yesterday :
" A deal with unnamed venture capitalists is now more likely & could be struck within 3 months. If the bid succeeds,the new owners would restructure Cosmos.....With the right team,it could grow substantially in the next few years..."

21st Aug 2001, 15:13
Is it to be Thomas Cook AG??? :D