View Full Version : crosswind limitations

11th Feb 2002, 22:59
We have all experienced the strong winds that prevailed throughout Europe over the last couple of weeks. I myself was flying into Dublin the weekend that the unfortunate md11 went off the runway. At times the winds exceeded 50 kts. A lot of aircraft diverted but a lot landed and took off.. .Boeing only give demonstrated crosswind limitations which are not AFM limits of 35 kts. on the 737s. Its up to flight ops. to issue their own crosswind limitations in their ops manual as part of SOPs and ROPs which is passed by the aviation authority in each country.. .I’m not attacking anyone here and I know that it is up to each pilot to access the situation as it happens but are some airlines not using any form of crosswind limitations? Is ATC helping them out by asking, “what winds do you need?”. .Are some airline pilots under pressure from their management to land and take off and not to divert because they have to do quick turnarounds to make profit.

I was told that the wind readout ( with max gust) in the tower in Dublin is held for 10 mins. . .Anyone like to comment !!!