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Trash Can
19th Aug 2001, 05:31
A couple of good, unbiased articles re the dispute.

Cathay Goes For Broke (http://www.feer.com/2001/0108_23/p040money.html)

Men and Machines (http://www.feer.com/2001/0108_23/p042money.html)

When Cathay Pleaded Poverty (http://www.feer.com/2001/0108_23/p043money.html)

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19th Aug 2001, 12:04
Thanks for this Trash Can. A little wheat amongst so much chaff!

Kaptin M
19th Aug 2001, 13:32
The first link provides a seemingly well written, unbiased, objective appraisal of the current situation in Cathay (from an non-CX pilot's point of view). There appeared to be a neutral stance taken by the writers, and some good earnest advice offered - let's hope that it IS taken to heart by both sides.

Unfortunately, the nature of the (rostering/personal life factors) problems that are at the root of this dispute, are not easily understood by the non-airline employee, especially when they only look at it in a month-by-month perspective rather than a continuing cycle running endlessly. Just as Alaskans realize should one husky in the sled team be removed, (that) the remainder will need to put in extra effort to maintain a slightly degraded schedule - and as a pilot on a multi-engined aircraft likewise is aware that the loss of one powerplant will require higher output from the other engines, in both cases the handlers are aware that there is a degraded performance factor necessarily incurred over time.

20th Aug 2001, 07:15
The big black scar on the hill next to the Nimitz VOR beacon about 3 miles short of the R6L at Agana should be a sobering reminder to what can happen when there aren't enough dogs to pull the sled.

It is a sad reflection upon human nature that 300 body bags is often required to get everyone's attention. :confused:

The Guvnor
20th Aug 2001, 11:43
From what I hear, there's fault on both sides (as there usually is in these matters).

CX management is to blame for taking advantage of their people over the rostering situation - and especially with the 5:1 ratio. Sure, the current contract offers higher basic pay - but does it improve the standby ratio?

On the other hand, the union (AOA) is to blame for its intransigence over the seniority system - despite the fact that it is well aware that in order to alleviate the rostering problems, a large number of additional rated and experienced pilots are required.

To make matters worse, I understand that the 'lunatics' (in the form of the '49ers') are currently 'running the asylum' at the AOA in the absence of its president - which is simply worsening relations between the AOA and CX management.

I think some binding independent arbitration is called for as soon as possible - problem is, will either side go for it?

Wig Wag
20th Aug 2001, 12:37
Interesting articles. Quite objective in their stance.

Its about short manning in other words. A simple tactic by an employer to cut costs. The ramifications on lifestyle and employee attitude can cause a lot of pain and you lose goodwill.

Its the same deal in some UK airlines. Presumably it never gets to a dispute here as it is easier to vote with your feet when you have had enough.

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