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11th Mar 2007, 14:44
Hi everyone,
looking at the Old warden pics by StevenPJ's post it set my heart a flutter seeing all the archive old warden pics. Before my time but boy i would have loved to have been around that less HSE orientated display days (Just look how LOW sally B flew!)

Nice to see some pics of grosvenor house airborne, cant wait until she gets the wind beneath her wings again. saw this pic.. http://www.tardis.myzen.co.uk/Aeropix/De%20Havilland_files/Comet%2001.jpg

was this before she got her restoration in the early 80's at hatfield?
And where was this shot taken? any ideas?

11th Mar 2007, 16:19
Looks like Shuttleworth to me!

Not long now until the Comet flies again! I was once flying near Benson and saw it go past at a fair old rate of knots - wonderful sight!!

11th Mar 2007, 19:14
i never realised that ACSS actually flew out of old warden before. I seem to remember that the runway was too short for it when Hatfield closed, hence why they had to ship it in. However, it could well of gone on the back of a truck to hatfield to be restored i guess :)

13th Mar 2007, 21:43
These pictures were taken some time between the time ACSS was given to The Shuttleworth Collection by DH (around 1965 I believe) and the time the restoration of ACSS was started (late 70's/early 80's).

I think the shot was taken at Old Warden in what is now Hanger 1, where most of the engineering now takes place. From what I know most of the current buildings south of Hangar 1 did not exist then. Note the construction on some of the other pics!

I was not there but the phots I have seen suggest the place was very different then!