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4th Mar 2007, 11:53
I have attached a link a video of "Clive Du Cros" replica Spitfire K5054.


Some of you may be intreasted to see it.


6th Mar 2007, 00:48
Nice thank you and welcome to the forum :)

6th Mar 2007, 08:05
I recently read Clive's book about building this aircraft and a cracking read it was too. Such a shame that after all that effort (and money) it got bent in 97 on a permit renewal test flight prior to be sold. Correct me if i'm wrong, but I believe the aircraft is now just a travelling static exhibit. Anyone know what it would take to get it airworthy again?

Captain Airclues
6th Mar 2007, 08:47
Loved the reporters question......"You then took the descision to come on the the grass?". The pilot did very well not to thump him.


Fournier Boy
6th Mar 2007, 13:15
I looked into its whereabouts about 5 years ago with the same plans, you are correct in thinking that it is now a traveling exhibit with the Spitfire Society, but unfortunately, you can forget all plans about getting it flying again. In order to make it easily transportable I'm afraid they had sawn the wings off, and have since drilled holes in the spars to enable them to use quick rig/derig pins. I also believe the undercarriage has been permantently fixed in place. A waste in my eyes, but an educational tool in others....

Windy Militant
7th Mar 2007, 12:02
A great shame I know a couple of guys who helped build it. I saw it at Wroughton, the workmanship was exquisite.

A different beast in regards to construction, but have you considered the Supermarine Spitfire Mk 26 (No Link to avoid the advertising embargo) It's accepted on the PFA register for Home building and really does look the part. I was one of many people drooling over it last year at Kemble.
If ERNIE ever pays up it'll be top of my shopping list! ;)

8th Mar 2007, 08:43

I might do that, but I need to finish a C47 first!

Windy Militant
8th Mar 2007, 09:01
Blimey does the PFA allow Dakotas on permit these days then! ;) ;)

23rd Sep 2008, 20:41
hey everione here is talking about the have distruction of the replica k5054
but dus anione now hou i can get the bildingplans i want to bild one

i am a modelbilder from holand bilding very big models for a long time nouw i want to bild a real spitfire

6th Oct 2008, 11:49
Have a look at Jurca plans.
Michel Jurca was a chap who designed a range of full scale WW2 aircraft.
The Spitfire he built (and a couple are flying) are built around the Allison V-12 engine not RR.

Have a trawl through the EAA stuf (Experimental Aircraft Association) in the US.

Hope this helps.


20th Oct 2008, 08:03
thank jou i wil look in to that

15th Jan 2009, 23:13
I don't believe the plans for the DuCros Spit are available in their original form any more - Clive basically left that chapter of his life behind him a long while ago.

There is a full-scale Spit kit being developed (in wood, and originally using the DuCros plans as a basis) but it's still a long way from flying. The Jurca MJ100 is the closest you'll get on a fraction of the budget. The wing, however, is a one-piece, all-wood job, so you're gonna need a bigger shed! :ok:

tail wheel
16th Jan 2009, 03:16
There are two genuine, original Spitfires at Aviation Australia (http://www.aviationaustralia.net.au/), Brisbane, one complete and on it's wheels, the other crated. They are not registered or flying.

mr fish
19th Jan 2009, 21:03
sorry for the drift but i heard a story a few years back about crated, brand new MERLINS being buried in india at the end of WW2.
as these were preserved with cosmoline and well sealed there was speculation that even after 45+ years in the ground they might be worth digging up for spares or even returning to flying condition!!
anyone have further info??

23rd Jan 2009, 14:24
It's probably worth noting that the du Cros K5054 replica was built in such a manner that it couldn't be dissassembled, as a result of which, after the Hullavington crash, it had to be cut in order to make it road transportable to get it out and this was done by cutting the fusalage behind the cockpit. This was a fixable cut but Clive du Cros lost heart and the machine was sold to the Southampton Hall of Aviation, and repaired to static condition.

Double Zero
27th Jan 2009, 09:29
There is a very good replica of K5054 at Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, West Sussex, with some of R.J.Mitchell's artefacts too.