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21st Feb 2007, 09:21
I have just read that the F4 when it took over responsibility for delivery of "special" bomb from the EE Canberra it required two independant navigation sources to agree on position before release of weapon would have been acceptable (sounds sensible to me).
What about the Canberra - did it have two independant sources of navigation and did it require same restriction? I am reffering to non visual means.

21st Feb 2007, 11:47
Sorry - couldn't resist.:)


21st Feb 2007, 15:08
it required two independant navigation sources I can remember a Canberra pilot (85 or 100 Sqn - which dates me) telling me he had had a partial electrics failure and had no serviceable navaids on board the aircraft.

There was a pause of about 5 seconds and a second voice came back from the aircraft......."I resent that comment"......

Tim Mills
22nd Feb 2007, 05:21
Well I had two navigators in my Canberra, one in the front and one in the back, me in the middle, both telling me where to go! Does that count?