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12th Feb 2007, 12:14
Forgot to mention here last week that Inside Out in the Northwest did a piece about Huey 509, the Uk's only privately owned flying ex Vietnam war Huey helicopter. The owner brought over three American vets. Two were from the 129th (the unit 509 flew with) the third was the brother of those in the 129th KIA/MIA.

If you missed the programme it is on youtube. Just type in huey 509 and three specific videos will be found.

More info on Huey 509 on wwwhuey.co.uk or on www.129th.net


12th Feb 2007, 21:51
Very good show performed at the Jersey International Air Display 2006 a great bunch of lads and ladies behind the venture.:ok: :ok:

From what I can make out Jersey was the first display for the Huey, long may it continue , from what I can make out hopefully it will be back if not for the2007 air display but for a big military vehicle connection in 2008 hopefully ties in with the air display as well.:ok: :ok:

13th Feb 2007, 09:09
You're right Jersey was the first air display the Huey gave as the display licence was fairly late in coming through so most of the air show season had been missed. More shows on the cards for this year, the itinery is being drawn up as confirmations come back from organisers. Just keep visiting www.huey.co.uk and as soon as anything is firmed up it will be listed on the events page.

Not visiting the island this year but 2008 has been provisionally penciled in possibly for both the big military gathering and the air show as the two are close together. That will mean another few hours confined in the 'sweat suits', arghhhhhh........

We'll just have to wait and see.


20th Feb 2007, 12:01
If you go on the Huey.co.uk website the front page picture changes each time you refresh. There are a selection of photos taken when the three American met up with 509. I've attached just one photo which was taken by Ken Ellis of FLY PAST magazine. There will be a full article about the indredible reunion in the April edition.
Ron Paye (Cobra Pilot 129th), Mark Jackson (brother of 129th KIA Lawrence Jackson) and Fred Alvis Door gunner (129th)/Crew Chief (60th)

9th Mar 2007, 12:24
Fred Alvis one of the three Americans to visit Huey 509 has put pen to paper about the re-union with the old bird.

In the air,
was a great green bird.
We watched it approach,
no-one said a word.

Flash back,
to 1972.
Flash back,
our years were so few.

Oh ye great green dragon,
savior from the skies.
Death from above,
was our cry.

Sounds of the blade,
echos thru our mind.
old warriors,
decending dragon finds.

Hearts beat loudly,
eyes have tears.
echos of the blades,
transend the years.

warriors we were,
we stood before the beast.
warriors we remain,
in the hearts at least.

one green dragon,
509 still flies high.
death from above ,
was her cry.

bullet holes,
blood in her past.
healing wounds now,
shes a fine lass.

dragon from the sky,
KIAs on her side.
A proud war bird,
nothing to hide.

young men died,
flying on this bird.
fighting for peace,
was the word.

Old men,
with tears in their eyes.
watched her approach,
waiting to say their good byes..

thanks Phil,Rob,Simon,Neil and Bradley


'Chuffer' Dandridge
9th Mar 2007, 12:33
UK's only flying Huey
Nice to see the journo's up to speed again.

The famous ex- Argentinian captured G-HUEY is also now airworthy again at North Weald and will surely be displaying in the southern part of the UK:ok:

..........and there's also an American Registered UH1H operating in the North near Leeds....So that makes 3

9th Mar 2007, 13:02
G-HUEY might have been flying the other weekend, but as yet as far as I'm aware, doesn't have the paperwork. I'd like to be proved wrong on that.

As for the one around Leeds I think you'll find that will have been 509 (G-UH1H).

So by my calculations that makes one flying.


'Chuffer' Dandridge
9th Mar 2007, 18:22
As for the one around Leeds I think you'll find that will have been 509 (G-UH1H).

I know a Huey when I see one, even if it aint green: http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1167732/M

G-HUEY paperwork looks good to me, with a permit to fly expiry date of 1st March 2008.....according to the CAA G-INFO website.

So theres now 3. Like London buses, none and then 3 come along at once...:E

9th Mar 2007, 19:57
Hey I hold my hands up.
Last I heard the paperwork for G-HUEY hadn't been issued. Good news. As for the N reg machine could it be this one?
FAA Registry Info
Tail Number N911DN
Serial Number 67-17426
Year 1967
Registrant Corporation
Name Yorkshire Helicopters Usa
Street 2711 Centerville Rd Ste 400
City Wilmington
State DE
Postal 19808-1645
Region Eastern
County 3
Country US
Last Action 2005-03-04
Certificate Issue 2005-03-04
Certification Restricted / Agricultural and Pest Control / Forest / Aerial Surveying
Aircraft Type Rotorcraft
Engine Type Turbo-shaft
Status Code V
Airworthiness 2000-05-15


Bob Stinger
10th Mar 2007, 09:13
Theres nothing like the noise of the beast , i enjoy hearing it as it thumps around the Fylde, are there any plans to take passengers up?

Kieron Kirk
10th Mar 2007, 12:23


12th Mar 2007, 17:27
I sure hope G-HUEY does not try to mark the aircraft up as an Argentinian Air Force warbird....I doubt the Argies will grant them permission to do so.:ugh:

G-HUEY, serial number 13560 bore US Army Contract Number 73-22077 prior to its sale to the Argies in March 1973 under the US Military Assistance Program (MAP).

The aircraft bore tail number AE-413 while flying for the Argies.

eagle 86
12th Mar 2007, 21:29
Who gives a rat's what the Argies think!!

18th Mar 2007, 23:18
I was involved in taking G-Huey to Leicester Square for a Royal Film Premier and as a consequence meet,entirely by chance, her previous Sqn Cdr. Spoke to him about previous posts and he thought it would a marvelous idea to see it in Argentinean colours

19th Mar 2007, 17:11

23rd Mar 2007, 22:56
There's a very good thread on the Huey here - Anyone flown the Huey? (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=184078)

Discussion of various types, pics and PIREPs from the Vietnam era right up to the present day.