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17th Aug 2001, 17:25
I understand that Easyjet are opening a base at EDI in the new year and are recruiting accordingly, anyone know if GO are going to open an EDI base, and what the job opportunities are like with them?

17th Aug 2001, 17:42
EZY already have flightdeck crew based at EDI. They are advertising in the press for Cabin Crew.

Wee Weasley Welshman
17th Aug 2001, 17:55
And Go are advertising this very week in Flight for Pilots to be based at EDI/GLA.


17th Aug 2001, 18:17
Gaza, don't wish to contradict you but are you sure Easy has flight deck crew based at EDI at present, cos this is not what the Easy recruiting lady is telling me, and I would hate pprune readers to be misinformed. Thanks for the rest of the info, blast I'll have to go out and buy Flight.

17th Aug 2001, 19:20
Channel Express will also have a 737-300 based in EDI not sure if they are looking for Flight Deck but believe they are for cabin crew.

why me?
18th Aug 2001, 00:39
albineexpress, gaza is correct. EZY already have flight deck crews EDI based and have done for about 2 years. They (EZY) are now advertising for cabin crew for their base at EDI and the base which is to open in GLA in the new year. They have 2 733's EDI based 7 days a week.

Go however, is due to open their base in September with the introduction of their new BRS and DUB services, and will also have 2 733's based in EDI.

The future looks bright for 737 drivers.

18th Aug 2001, 13:11
Just to confirm the above EZY are due to open small bases at glasgow, Belfast and Edinburgh in the new year, they will have about 4-6 pilots based at each one as well as cabin crew. At the moment their is no base at Edi, pilots, cabin crew and the aeroplanes are just night stopping,Ezy only uk base is luton. They are hoping to expand the Glasgow one soon after when they start flights to continental Europe such as Palma.
Go will have a joint base for Glasgow and Edinburgh, where pilots will have to work from both airports, aeroplanes will be based at both airports though.

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18th Aug 2001, 13:51
Kestral, thanks, that ties in with my research, shows you how one could be misled if one believed all the replies on this site. Shame more contributers don't stick to the principle "if in doubt say nowt". Not trying to discourage free speech but please only post replies if certain of the facts.

18th Aug 2001, 14:21
Well guys, I can assure you the EZY have pilots based in EDI and have had them for a while, however with the organisation at EZY these pilots fly mainly from LTN so they spend time positioning to and from EDI. When they are working they stay in HOTAC accom. provided by the company. Trust me they have EDI contracts.
Kestrel, LTN is not the only UK base for EZY as they have a few 73s in LPL with crew and everything.
Regards Bokkie449.

18th Aug 2001, 14:38
Let's try to get it nearly right as I know it. EZY DO have pilots based in Scotland, but as a result of earlier plans to open Scottish bases. This did not come off but EZY honoured the pilots contracts who were recruited to the planned bases and kept them officially Scotland based, but at the moment they fly out of LTN and LPL, which is also by the way a UK base. The aircraft at the moment just night stop there, but in the near future, a small number of crew are planned to be based at GLA, EDI, LGW and BFS. The AMS base is on hold for the moment. Aircraft night stop at BFS, EDI, and GLA but not at the moment LGW, but as numbers increase at LTN and LPL it is hoped to 'base' aircraft at these places, but serviceing will still be done at LTN and LPL. The first -700 is now based in LPL and flies its first sectors today, I think there are 6 or 7 737s based in LPL. Hope this helps to set the record straight.

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18th Aug 2001, 15:31
Just to clear things up from the Liverpool side of the easyJet question.

For the 2001 summer schedules there are four aircraft based at Liverpool and in addition they night stop one aircraft in Belfast. This aircraft then operates the early morning service to Liverpool before flying from/to Liverpool for the rest of the day before flying back late night to Belfast.

For the winter 2001 schedules they have the same number of based aircraft, four, as above but they will increase the night stopping aircraft in Belfast to two.

The 737-700 starts to fly from Liverpool today and should be returning now to Liverpool from Malaga. Todays flight program for this aircraft is LPL, AGP, LPL, BFS, LPL, BFS, LPL, AGP, LPL. This aircraft has replaced one based 300 series.

A second 700 series will be based in Liverpool from 30th August.

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18th Aug 2001, 16:46
Just for the record below are the number of nightstopping easyJet aircraft away from Luton:

Liverpool = 4
Belfast = 3
Glasgow = 2
Edinburgh = 2
Amsterdam = 1
Geneva = 3 (TopSwiss aircraft)

Therefore this leaves Luton with 9(?) based aircraft.

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Joe Curry
18th Aug 2001, 19:26
>>They are hoping to expand the Glasgow one soon after when they start flights to
continental Europe such as Palma.<<

easyJet would be extremely foolish in operating a Scottish Palma flight solely
from GLA.

One would expect ESY to operate PMI from EDI
where there is no over capacity of such
flights.? :confused:

Bally Heck
18th Aug 2001, 23:24
Small point Kestral but PMI ain't continental Europe.

How can one make a typo in eight words :confused:

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Few Cloudy
19th Aug 2001, 14:34

GVA is a base for easy, with pilots, cabin crew and ground staff all living locally. The only time LTN ships overnight there is when a GVA ship (four at present) is in maintenance or in case of irregularities.

22nd Aug 2001, 10:50
And just to add my little pinch of salt, Topswiss operate 4 737s at the moment 1 nightstops in LTN to operate the early morning LTN-GVA and another nightstops in NCE to operate the first NCE-GVA.