View Full Version : Ryanair excursion in Carcasonne?

24th May 2001, 22:56
Word is reaching my ears of a little upset for Mr.O'Leary. Evidently on of the jets has blown some tyres and departed the grey bit onto the green bit at CCF (Carcassonne France).

Or should we be squinting a bit and calling it Toulouse ???

Anyone know any more ???

25th May 2001, 02:41
Magplug, youre half correct. Tyres blown but no excursion on to the green stuff. Sorry to disappoint you!

25th May 2001, 18:40
Landing with the brakes on does tend to overstress the tyres!

wild turkey surprise
26th May 2001, 15:09

semantics old boy....landing with the brake lever off but a system fault causing the brakes to remain on does tend to overstress the tyres.

....hate to see this grow arms and legs.

26th May 2001, 19:14
The 737 has now gone to Dublin with new tyres!