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1st Feb 2007, 08:58
My uncle as a young man was out in the fields of shropshire one afternoon, when he heard an acft going over. Upon looking up he saw a piece of paper falling to the ground. He's kept this piece of paper 'till today when he passed it on to me.
Can anyone help me with any information on this form. It is Form 2408A from the Air Ministry, Meteorological Office. It was issued by the met officer at 'Renfrew' The Name appears to be J. Ratt..... can't read the next couple of letters... on the 30th July 1962 at 1300. The route is from Renfrew to London Via Airways.
As an aside the weather on the day was quite poor for July with a lot of cloud cover and PPN (Precipitation) Moderate to severe icing and turbulence
Any Info on this would be very helpful, Many thanks


I can see that quite a few people have viewed this Post however there have been no replies. Does anyone remember the Form 2408A? Absolutely any information would be appreciated weather it is about Renfrew (Glasgow) Airport in 1962 or about the From itself


8th Feb 2007, 19:08
I can't be of much help...only to let you know that Metform 2408 was the bit of paper the Met Man would give a pilot for a route forecast. It would be specific to his flight, and give a breakdown of cloud, temperature, visibility and wind along the route. I am afraid the name at the bottom doesn't ring any bells...but J Rattcliff is a possibility.

The 2408 was in use until a few years back...and may still be.


9th Feb 2007, 07:15
Renfrew was Glasgow Airport then.

9th Feb 2007, 09:54
You possibly know that the DC-3 cockpit has two sliding windows, one for the captain and one for the first oficer. Each window can be slid back to let in cool air or in the name of cockpit tidiness to allow unwanted rubbish to be tossed overboard. I personally saw (at various times) the likes of half eaten sandwiches, orange peels, apple cores, empty cigarette packets, newspapers, a uniform cap, cardboard lunch boxes, duplicated forms and best of all a perfectly good shirt that had lipstick marks on the collar (too risky to take home) all go out the windows.
I'd say it's a fair bet that a DC-3 or similar unpressurised aircraft simply jettisoned the form 2408A your uncle found.
I suppose I should clarify the tossings out I was involved with by telling you it all fell into the jungles of Malaya, the Malacca Straits or the South China Sea. This however does not alter the fact that out the window it went. Thanks for reminding me of it.

10th Feb 2007, 09:21
Thanks to all replies so far..

Love the one about the Lipstick smudged shirt! Would have been unfortunate if it had lodged itself on an ariel or something to be still present upon landing!! That's how I'm telling the story from now on..:D

As for the sliding windows, that was how I'd imagined it would have ended up getting out. Probably to release some of the heat created in the cockpit by afore mentioned shenanigins!!

Any other info or memories of either the form or Renfew would be very welcome

Cheers all, Bok..:ok: