View Full Version : FAA CPL to NZ CPL

21st Jan 2007, 00:09
Dudes of Dudeness,

I have a current FAA IR/CPL and have been looking at converting it to the NZ equivalnet - possibility of moving to NZ. Having read the rules I fall short of the 250hr commercial experience requirement for a straightforward conversion...I exceed all the other requirements. So, I need to do all the exams and pass the flight test. Not sure whether I need to do the x-country training as I have more than the required hrs dual and solo. Has anyone converted a FAA CPL/IR to the NZ equivalent without the 250hrs commercial experience? If so what did you have to do? Currently working on my FAA CFI - will any of that count in NZ?


21st Jan 2007, 06:42
Sorry I can't help with most of your questions. But I can with the last one - will work towards a CFI rating count. Short answer, no. For example, if you've done all your training for a CFI, but not the flight test, you'll have to do it all over again here in NZ (or in any other country for that matter).

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