View Full Version : Print 'Over the Cape' wanted

17th Jan 2007, 09:27
Print of BA 747 'Over the Cape' seems to be sold out. Does anybody know of a source that may have one?

24th Jul 2007, 09:06
The only print we have over the Table is this one my friend

7th Nov 2008, 09:10
Hi - I have the signed print in frame "Over the Cape" by Anthony Cowland. Its number 059 of 250. Which is also the flight number of that particular flight. As a result this is worth a lot of money. Nobody can buy it anywhere so I guess its becoming a collectable, especially with the signed print number being 059. Im trying to find out its exact value to sell it on. Ive been offered 450 so far and can't beleive it.

Albert Driver
7th Nov 2008, 19:29
and can't beleive it.

Neither do we.