View Full Version : How Long For 2nd Class Mail

Saint Evil
11th Jan 2007, 18:04
A card has just arrived OC 78 Sqn-Sqn Ldr G Gow. He was OC in Sep 01. 51/2years for 2nd class post is not too bad......:O

11th Jan 2007, 20:12
Not really anything to do with military aviation is it

P'raps it was on a Timmy/Funbus that got stuck waiting for spares somewhere?

11th Jan 2007, 23:09
Ratty 1
Good banter fella!
You are right- a post office matter, but also one that involves the support to the south atlantic so hence one relevent to those serving there.... bandwith -cha!
As an aside..where is the "Goo"?
Never thought he would really leave. My 'comedy' end of course report that OC 203 took as gen has haunted me ever since...mind you she was a minger.
Graham, get in touch

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