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9th Jan 2007, 16:59
Hello everyone...

Beside active flying, when WX keeps our bugsmashers on the ground I like to kill time building plastic kits of historical warbird...

I have been locked up on the Hawker Typhoon for a while, now. What I got was an old 1:48 scale kit from Monogram, quite outdated if you compare it with Tamiya or other makers. But I am too deep in the hole and I want to carry on adding as much details as I can to my Mk.II (bubble canopy type) so it would be great to get in touch with all collectors and veterans than have pics, drawings, manuals, schemes of it. Looking for cockpit, gear bays, extended flaps and...anything else you can provide.PM if needed and I will support any effort to replicate the material if you allow...

I spent 2 years volunteering at Duxford where a cockpit section is kept. I have few shoots of it but poor quality (still printed, not digital) becaude of the surrounding plexiglass.

Thanks to all those who want to join!

Keep 'em flying

PZ :ok: