View Full Version : Pictures of RAF Colerne anyone?

Capt Squat-thrust
1st Jan 2007, 13:33
I live not a million miles from Colerne airfield and have developed an interest in the history of the place.
As other threads have asked for pictures for various airfields, I've decided to ask whether anyone has any pics (old or new) of RAF Colerne?

1st Jan 2007, 13:50
I spent my first camp there as an ATC cadet in 1958 and made my very first flight in Anson VM363 on 11 August. There were a number of Ansons there and I have b&w pics of VM351 and VM371 but I can't be sure if they were taken at Colerne.

I seem to recall there were lots of Hastings about, but I never flew in one.

Amos Keeto
5th Jan 2007, 13:58
I went to the Battle of Britain 'At Home' Days there in 1964,'65,'68 and '70, as well as several museum open days afterwards. Have plenty of photos of the aircraft there, including based Hastings aircraft, but not of buildings or infrastructure, depending what you're after?

I took this line-up of 24 Squadrons Hastings at Colerne in November 1967, just two weeks before the squadron disbanded and all these aircraft went for scrapping at Shawbury and Bicester.


24th Feb 2008, 07:52
how do i view them, where are they?

I was there but in 1970 I was only 7 - my dad was flt sgt Scott and sorted all the catering for the day.


Andrew Scott