View Full Version : New Year Resolutions

29th Dec 2006, 06:45
I guess that it's that time of year again.

Resolutions tend to be made only to be broken because we always leave things half finished. So this year my resolution will be to finish those things that I have started.

I am already making inroads...........

I've finished the bottle of scotch.

I'm close to finishing the bottle of brandy that had to opened for the Xmas pud.

I finished the pack of cigars before I bought the next one.

On 12 Jan the courts will say that I am finally finished with the (ex) wife.......:E

29th Dec 2006, 07:17
My New Year Resolution is to refuse any offer of a peerage from Tony Bliar :hmm:

29th Dec 2006, 08:23
My new year's resolution will be not to post on random PPRuNe threads when I have nothing interesting or relevant to say.