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28th Dec 2006, 19:52
I have just priced a Fight Simmers Yoke...[Sad Gimmer :{ ] Their initials are 3rd and 8th in the alphabet.
In the UK, it is approx 120 plus postage [Domestic]
In the US, it is "from" $86 free postage [Domestic]
Now IF I buy from the States, I will save about 20 if I include the postage. IF I buy the Yoke and Rudder Pedals, I save 60-80 [again, factoring postage], but will [probably] be hit by Customs :mad:

28th Dec 2006, 21:17
Get a mate stateside to order them, wrap them up as a present. It might get through. Or get mate to remove boxes, send them as second-hand (damaged goods - get him to burr/defile some insignificant surfaces) for a trivial amount on the box.

I recommend the second method. As you are buying damaged goods, you can truthfully state what they are worth, and have a clear conscience. I cannot for one moment imagine, nor countenance, withholding from the Exchequer what it's due. These people spend literally femtoseconds, every day - spending our carefully husbanded money wisely.


28th Dec 2006, 22:17
If you're not visiting the USA in the near future, do you know anyone who is, and who is a good enough friend to carry them back for you? I saved a very large sum on some astronomical telescope eyepieces that way. Mind you, they are small and package-efficient, unlike a yoke.

Lon More
28th Dec 2006, 22:53
Try Ebay, there's a couple selling from UK at the moment

29th Dec 2006, 16:10
Tried it Lon, with postage, it works out at "normal UK prices