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28th Dec 2006, 19:22
So Bee Gee Robin Gibbs gets a CBE and the PM gets a free holiday.
Wonder what the Captain got?

28th Dec 2006, 20:17
Captain grand Duke Lord Viscount The Hon (pilots name) MBE OBE CBE VC

I know VC is a military award, but the skipper did request a tug to help turn the aircraft around. Thats kinda like throwing yourself on a grenade or charging a machine gun nest.

Maybe Tony will use his undoubted influence (sic) on Bush to get the BeeGee bloke an honourary Archduke Gibb of Miami....

28th Dec 2006, 20:37
...posthumously, hopefully.

And I nominate the Prime Minister and the Chancellor for a CBE, although not in the commonly-meant sense.


28th Dec 2006, 20:42
So Bee Gee Robin Gibbs gets a CBE and the PM gets a free holiday.
Doesn't work that way round. The honour comes AFTER the free holiday.
Sir Cliff Richard.
Sir Robin Gibbs . . .


28th Dec 2006, 21:40
Don't forget...We [really] have to look forward....
LORD and unfortunately LADY BLUR:yuk:

28th Dec 2006, 21:53
Well I guess we won't have too long to wait for Sir Anthony and Lady Blair!! :*

28th Dec 2006, 22:17
Breaking news.... (http://newsbiscuit.com/article/blair-cleared-of-honours-scandal-by-new-duke-of-scotland-yard-obe)

29th Dec 2006, 08:21
Interesting dilemma for the current First Lady of Downing Street. She is an avowed republican with no respect for the Royal Family - when Bliar gets his Knighthood will she have the gall to call herself Lady Bliar ? Could be worse of course - image Sir David and Lady Beckham !!!!!!

29th Dec 2006, 15:01
No, she will call herself "Cherrie 1"

29th Dec 2006, 15:46
Can't say I really approve of this "favours for honours" sort of thing!

In protest I only sent a small Christmas card to Downing Street this year. However, out of the goodness of my heart, I felt obliged to include a note offering TB and his missus the use of our garden shed this coming year, in case he can't afford that big mortgage of his after he gets booted out of No.10.

To my surprise, not only did he write back, but he has accepted my offer.

Yours, Lord ShyTorque.


3rd Jan 2007, 15:07
Did anyone see HIM return home, and where about in the aircraft did he sit?

3rd Jan 2007, 16:20
HE is ruling from Florididdy, via his 'mouthpiece' the Fat Controller.