View Full Version : Ethiopia - Somalia vs. Jihad

28th Dec 2006, 00:12
Just read a report of Ethiopian sorties on Mogadishu's airport, and ground troops approaching the capital. Nice to see those dervishes in retreat.

28th Dec 2006, 07:30
Having lived in Somalia and worked in Ethiopia - with both countries containing some of the world's most poverty striken people, the last thing either lot need is a war.

But then wars are very handy things for politicians to use to divert attention from real domestic issues - not the first time is it?:sad:

Al Fakhem
30th Dec 2006, 02:43
Somalia is clearly a place where the neutron bomb would show the best results.:D

Capt. Queeg
30th Dec 2006, 06:09
All of the above is true. And whilst they hardly "need" a war, the real war was brought to them anyway, some time ago. This was just an example of things turning favourably for the civilised world, for a change.

The last thing the rest of the world needs is yet another toe-hold being gained by the other side (militant you-know-what) in Africa.

Amazing. We condemn the yanks or whomever for stepping in and interfering and yet the other side, our militant, religious nutter friends, are calling for all and sundry who share their stone-age beliefs to flood the land and help out in this "war against you-know-who". Same as what's happening in the Afghanistan.

Let them sort it out. Unless it looks like the other side will win. Then I recommend Spooky or Spectre.

West Coast
30th Dec 2006, 07:08
Time is taking its toll on my memories of my time in Somalia. The one thing however that sticks with me, is the thought that the drought that originally brought us to Somalia was largely man made. I do remember the ejector seat going off on one of the Mig 21's as well. At least I think it was a Mig.

Any other prunners there as well?